Gran Calero Monastrell (2008)

It is New Year’s Eve and soon we will ring in the new year of 2011. We have had a productive and eventful year with many changes, twists and turns . . . and we managed each event to the best of our ability. We feel happy that we were able to accomplish much and care for those for whom we love so dearly.

Tom chose the wine tonight and wisely selected this Spanish red Gran Calero Monastrell 2008 for our simple, but delicious, dinner. We tasted this together and we exchanged our impressions, which were incredibly similar. Light body, subtle nose. Thin texture with a taste of dark chocolate and a hint of coffee on the finish. Interesting. Not “to die for” but not the least bit unpleasant.

For dinner I made a whole wheat crunchy bread that I started at 8:00 this morning and put in the oven at 7:30 tonight. And a turkey-potato soup that I actually started yesterday by slow-cooking turkey thighs overnight, then deboning and skinning and letting the broth cool and congeal to remove the fat; sauteing onions, garlic, carrots, celery and potatoes; then adding the rich, savory broth and turkey. Presto! Soup!

Happy New Year’s to you and yours.

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