Burley Fox Shiraz (2005)

Burley Fox Shiraz 2005This is our second bottle of Burley Fox Shiraz 2005. But, I am tasting it as though it is my first taste. In spite of my summer cold, I can still enjoy the rich taste and full body of this delicious shiraz. The nose is a little difficult for me to decipher today but hints of cherry and spice are managing to get through my “challenged” airways. I can taste cherries and chocolate on the palate. The finish is delectable; it lingers long after I set the glass down. (Although it is 90 degrees today, I am serving leftover homemade bean soup for dinner for my sore throat [and lack of energy for cooking].) Tom picked this wine particularly for pairing with the soup. I agree; this should compliment it nicely. Is there anyone else out there suffering from a summer cold?

Tom: This Burley Fox Shiraz 2005 is very nice: tannic, mildly peppery, with tastes of cherry and hints of chocolate. More fruity than some shirazes, but not fruit bomby. Very drinkable and tasty.

Sleeping Bear Winery Merlot

Sleeping Bear Winery MerlotWe picked up several bottles of this Sleeping Bear Winery Merlot at Cherry Creek Cellars. (The owners produce both labels.)

It is very nice: dry, soft, with tastes of cherry and vanilla. An excellent Michigan red.

Villagiachi Chianti Vendemmia (2005)

Villagiachi Chianti 2005This Villagiachi Chianti Vendemmia 2005 is old world, dry, and tannic. Not a fruit-forward wine but a more austere, serious quaff. I like it very much. This is not the wicker-basket bottle of Chianti that I remember from college; it is more sophisticated and ascetic. I am marinating pork loin chops, and I think this will pair well, along with sauteed mushrooms, brown rice, and spinach. Poor me; I am also nursing a summer cold. This is the first cold I have had in years. I am so healthy I never get sick but this germ got to me.

Tom: This Villagiachi Chianti 2005 is very nice. It’s tannic but still fairly soft, with hints of cherry and vanilla. This is a very easy-drinking wine, and will be excellent with our pork chops.

Mirror Lake Central Coast Petite Sirah 2006

Mirror Lake Petite Sirah 2006This Mirror Lake Petite Sirah 2006 from the Central Coast of California is a bold, attention-getter big red. The color is deep — nearly black, with flavors of coffee and blueberries and spice (pepper and a hint of rosemary). This is a full bodied, rich, and tasty red. The finish is velvety smooth and long. This will pair well with our meatloaf and mashed potato dinner. (I make a pretty good meatloaf, if I do say so myself.) We just returned from a very quick trip up north (Traverse City) to see my folks (Bill & Delight Fagan). We drove up on Saturday and back on Sunday. Once we got home, I unpacked, did laundry, and grocery shopped while Tom mowed and weeded the yard. Now we are relaxing with a fragrant dinner in the oven. Ahhhhhhh.

Tom: This Mirror Lake Petite Sirah 2006 is a very, very good wine. It comes across as a sort of fruit-forward cabernet. Chocolaty, blackberry, and tobaccoy tastes. Tannic but also fruity. Very nice. It has bold, big tastes and so stood up well to our meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Seagull Winemaker’s Blend 2004 – Stellenbosch

Seagull Winemaker’s Blend 2004This Seagull Winemaker’s Blend 2004 from South Africa, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, is rich and satisfying. In the glass, it is deep purple. On the nose is a mix of vanilla and cherries. On the palate is dark chocolate, pepper, and cherries. The finish is wonderful; it is like having a secret sip because it lasts so long. I chose this wine to go with our dinner tonight, which will be a grilled steak with brown rice and grilled asparagus drizzled with olive oil.

Tom: This Seagull Winemaker’s Blend 2004 is a big, chocolaty, tannic red. Very nice plummy fruit flavors. Very, very nice.

Video: How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a CorkscrewHere’s a cool video from Sorin Mihailovici in Edmonton, Canada on How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew.

Give this a try and add your comments for Sorin.

Video: How to Remove Wine Stains

How to Remove Wine Stains Sorin Mihailovici in Edmonton, Canada sent us his cool video on How to Remove Wine Stains. The tips are great and his video is very nicely done!

We’re sure he would be glad to hear your comments on it.

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