Shady Lane Serenity (2004)

Shady Lane Serenity 2004Alert the media: Tom and Melody are blogging about a white wine!

We picked up this Shady Lane Serenity 2004 at Shady Lane Cellars during a trip up north to the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan, and what with Thanksgiving and turkey and everything, even dedicated red-wine drinkers like us end up opening white wine sooner and later.

And this Shady Lane Serenity 2004 is delicious. It’s a blend of 57% Vignoles, 25% Chardonnay, and 17% Auxerrois. It’s fresh and big tasting, with a taste of pears, full of fruit but still sharp and tangy. It tastes like Chardonnay on steroids. An excellent white!

2003 Glass Ridge Chardonnay

This Glass Ridge Chardonnay was a gift from my parents. Fruity, light & summery with hints of lemon and cantaloupe. Easy to drink; refreshing! Bouquet of strawberries.