Oakton Lane Petite Sirah (2007)

This California Petite Sirah from the Paso Robles region arrived today in a wine club shipment. I had my meal of grilled pork loin, pototoes and a salad planned. . .however, as the night progressed, we decided it wasn’t a good night to cook. (We both worked hard this week and, hey, it’s Friday.) So, we have just ordered a pizza for our Friday-before-Labor Day weekend! This will be perfect!

Our sons have been home with us and we are having a quiet evening because Tommy is working and Tony went camping tonight.Tony leaves for his job in South Korea on September 14. Tommy starts back with his graduate-school courses on September 3.

The wine was a bit tight and closed when we first opened the wine, but after 15 minutes in the glass, it is now bursting with blackberries and pepper. The tannins are potent. We very much like this wine and it solidifies our appreciation for the petite sirah.

Rosemount Estate Shiraz Cabernet (2004)

I found this large, 1.5 Liter bottle of the Australian blend of Shiraz and Cabernet at the 50% off table at the Ann Arbor Kroger’s store (I loaded my cart with all the good reds and this was one of them). This is your typical Australian fruit bomb — a round feel in the mouth and the palate bursting with fruit and subtle tannins. There is nothing to complain about unless you prefer a more austere wine. And, what a deal! This large bottle was $21.79 and half priced at around $10.50.  I have had a roast cooking slowly all day, which I will serve on buttered noodles with a vegetable and a salad. This wine will complement our dinner nicely.

Ruffino Il Ducale Toscana (2004)

This Italian red is another one of the deals I found at my local Kroger this week. They had a table full of discontinued wines at 50% off the regular price. This one was regularly priced at $25.09. This is a lovely Tuscany wine with a delicate nose, an austere, yet fruity, palate and structured tannins. This wine will be perfect with our dinner of baked mostacolli and a fresh-from-the-garden tossed salad.

The four of us went canoeing this morning on the Huron River. It was about a 6 mile trip and it was beautiful. About half-way down the river, we stopped and had our picnic lunch in our boats. It was a great time. I think Tom will post some pictures here of our trip.

El Portillo Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)

It is a Wednesday evening. On the way home from work tonight, I stopped at Kroger’s in Ann Arbor to buy some groceries (because now that both Tommy and Tony are here for awhile, the food consumption has skyrocketed in our house)! Well, I was just innocently pushing my cart through the isles, getting things like chicken, hamburger, plums, avocados, peppers, etc., when what to my wondering eyes appeared? A table and a grocery cart full of wine with a sign that said “50% off price marked.” What was I to do? Just walk by? Of course not! I started rummaging through the lot and placing wine on top of the chicken, potatoes and other things in my cart. I believe I ended up with 10 bottles that I thought were worthy. . .this Mendoza red was one of them. The price on the label was $10.99, which means I bought it for $5.50. I’ll have nine more wines to tell you about after this one! This is delicious. It has aged three years and it probably at its peak in complexity. The color is deep red with a taste of blackberries. This is a great Argentinian Cabernet and I am glad I found it. (I think I’ll go back and pick up some more before they run out.)

I have a sirloin steak marinating in sze chaun sauce and rice vinegar. I will serve that with a fresh salad for dinner. This Cab will be an excellent accompaniment to our dinner.

Grevin California Cabernet Franc

It is Saturday night and Tom is in West Virginia at a reunion with his graduate-school buddies. I am enjoying the company of my son, Tony, who is home briefly before he leaves for South Korea for a new job. I have pork chops on the grill, brown rice steaming, fresh green beans sauteeing and a salad ready to toss (mostly from the garden). This wine is good. We opened it last night and it was a bit tight and needed some decanting. Tonight it is quite delicious. Time to turn the chops. . .cheers!

Tormenta Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

I have chosen this Chilean red Tormenta Cabernet Sauvignon for our Wednesday-night dinner.  The wine is made with organically grown grapes. The color is inky black. The aroma is licorice and eucalyptus. The taste is dry, oaky, fruity and dry with gentle tannins.

I am steaming brown rice and will soon get the grill hot for steak. I will make a big salad to round out our meal. This is a good wine for tonight’s meal.

Iglesia Vieja Reserva (2003)

Iglesia Vieja Reserva 2003This Iglesia Vieja Reserva 2003 from Spain is a blend of 68% Mataro, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 11% Tempranillo. The color is pure purple! The nose is a refreshingly soft spice. And the taste is fruity and succulent with a peppery finish. It is Sunday evening. I have a fresh, organic chicken (from a local farm) roasting in the oven. I used an entire garlic bulb as I prepared the chicken — put about 8 cloves under the skin and the rest of the garlic in the vegetables surrounding the chicken. I have potatoes and carrots tossed with olive oil and garlic cloves in the skillet, too.  Talk about fragrant! I started the chicken in the oven at 425 degrees for 45 minutes to make sure it would be crispy on the outside; then I turned the oven down the 325 to let it bake for 2 hours. It’s a long time in the oven, but I like the chicken falling off the bone. We’ve had a lovely weekend and anticipate a busy week ahead. Cheers!