Nine Stones Shiraz


This is a quiet night with Tom gone so I am having dinner with the Wall Street Journal. I finished what was left of the wine from last night and it was even more delicious tonight. I made a chicken stir fry with chicken, asparagus, tomatoes and angel hair pasta. So, Trigger and I will make the best of our quiet night together. She misses Tom, too.

Nine Stones Shiraz


It is Sunday night and Tom is packing for a business trip so I picked out a nice wine for our before-he-leaves night. This is so interesting. When I first poured the wine, I found it to be incredibly subtle with a velvety texture and soft tannins. But, now, after dinner has been eaten and the dishes washed, the wine has opened up and changed quite dramatically. No longer subtle, it is fruity, tannic and intense. Delicious.

For dinner I made baked pasta with steamed broccoli. I also needed to use up some milk so I made a baked brown rice pudding with lots of custardy filling with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pico de Aneto


I had to work late tonight so Tom made me dinner tonight. The salmon was delicious! I am so appreciative of Tom cooking for me. He never cooked, ever, (except to open a bag of pretzels) but I asked for his help. And, I come home to this wonderful dinner. How lucky am I?

This Spanish Tempranillo is really nice and delicious. Extremely fruity with smooth tannins. I am enjoying it immensely.

Le Champ des Etoiles Pinot Noir


We at having this French Pinot Noir tonight with chicken and dumplings. I made this from scratch but started on the weekend cooking the chicken and then letting the broth cool over night so that I could take off the cooled layer of fat on the top. Very savory!

The wine is very light-bodied with subtle fruit. Although Pinot Noir is not my favorite type of wine, this was a good choice for our chicken and dumplings dinner.

Chateau Samion Montagne Saint Emilion (2009)

We had a very nice weekend. The weather is beautiful! Sunny and mild in January! I went to our Women’s Basketball game today and we won handily. We are tough.

I had spinach and fresh mushrooms to use (from food co-op) so I made a lasagna for dinner tonight. Very filling and tasty. Way too many leftovers, but I will be glad later in the week when I don’t have to cook.

I opened this wine tonight for no good reason except it caught my eye. It’s very dry and austere and was a good choice for this spicy and robust lasagna. It provides a nice paradoxical counterpoint to the tasty dinner. This will be great for sipping after the meal is over. Yummy. Time to watch Tim Tebow against the Steelers.

Barbaresco (2008)



We are having homemade beef barley soup and whole wheat bread for dinner tonight. Tom opened this bottle of Italian red wine which is tasting very good with this dinner. The fruit is subtle. The texture and feel is sharp and acidic. This is what I expect from a decent Italian red wine. I like this very much.

We had a great Saturday! My day started with a long run with my girlfriends. It was sunny and the roads were dry — a big treat for a January run in Michigan! Here’s to my running friends. Cheers!

Ramsden Estate Reserve

I am tapping out this blog on my phone so it will be short. We like this wine because it is complex with mellow flavors and smooth feel. For dinner I brined then roasted a chicken. I made mashed potatoes with gravy from the drippings. Savory and filling after a good run today.