Castillo De Olleria

Castillo De Olleria Valencia

Castillo De Olleria Valencia 2007

This Spanish Castillo De Olleria Valencia is made from 75% Bobal and 25% Tempranillo.  This is a delicious red wine. The nose is licorice and the taste is a lovely fruit and spice. In the glass, the color is a lovely deep red. I have a meaty spaghetti sauce simmering in my old, cast iron skillet for dinner tonight. I will also steam some fresh spinach from my garden.

I participated in a golf outing today (a fundraiser for the women’s golf team) and it was a lot of fun. I was called in last minute to complete a foursome. I enjoyed golfing with Bob Conlin and his son Bob and Bob’s wife, Julie. They were so much fun and I hope our paths cross again.

Castillo De Olleria Valencia (2007)

Castillo De Olleria Valencia 2007

This Castillo De Olleria Valencia 2007 is a wine from Spain that is made from 75% Bobal and 25% Tempranillo. Yum, yum, yum. Delish. The wine is fragrant with cloves on the nose. The taste is fresh and spicy with a crisp finish. I like this very much!

Tomorrow I am taking the day off and will drive to Mackinac Island (with my son, Tommy) to visit my youngest son, Tony, who is working there this summer. It will be a lot of fun to spend time with the boys!