Sledgehammer Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

We just finished the last drop of this fabulous California Cabernet Sauvignon.I chose this wine for our Tuesday night dinner of grilled pork chops, steamed brown rice and fresh sautéed spinach.

What a fabulous wine. I love it. This Cabernet is very juicy — bursting with ripe, juicy fruit and coupled with deep, dark chocolate and coffee. You can’t get much better in my book.

I bought this wine on Saturday in Ann Arbor at A & L Wine Castle. . .one of our favorite wine shops. I bought two bottles but will go back to buy more. For those of you who enjoy a new world, fruity yet dry wine, this is for you.

Bolla Chianti (2008)

Just as I started to write, Louie Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World started playing. Instantly puts me in a happy, grateful and joyful mood. . .so don’t expect a negative review! I love that song.

So, here we are a Monday evening. It is unseasonably hot in Michigan. . .low 90’s or maybe high 80’s by now at close to 8:00 p.m. So, we are going to grill burgers and I am going to make a green salad with my homemade salad dressing. It occurs to me that I have never purchased salad dressing, ever. I can’t even imagine it could be good. . .not when freshly made is so tangy and delicious.
Mine is a simple concoction of olive oil, red wine and balsamic vinegar, spicy mustard, and basil, oregano, Rosemary, savory and thyme. Simply delicious.

This wine was a good deal at our wine shop in Ann Arbor. I picked up two of these this weekend. . .along with another 22 bottles ( a variety). We were running low. It was getting to be a wine crisis in our household so I solved that issue. Now we are stocked for the time being.

This is a nice every day wine. I would describe this as fresh and crisp. Like many Italian wines, this is not fruit forward but rather a bit dry and austere with acidic characteristics. It is a nice alternative to a California Cabernet or an Argentine Malbec.

Time to make the salad. . .cheers!

Vitiano (2007)

Happy Thursday . . .over-the-hump-day! Tom is out of town so I am having a quiet evening and trying to relax after a hectic day.  I worked late and then stopped at Plum’s Market on the way home and picked up a few groceries for dinner. Of course, I couldn’t walk past the wine without looking. I only bought one bottle and this was it. The blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet intrigued me. Good choice, Melody! The texture is soft and the flavors complex. The initial impression is ripe fruit and black pepper.  It took me awhile to nail the finish. . .but happily I did. . .celery! I can’t say that celery is a popular wine-tasting term, but I promise you, it is the perfect descriptor.

So, I grilled a burger for my dinner and had it with my fresh tomatoes from the garden. I have some watermelon waiting for me if I can find the room.

St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)

For those of you who read our blog, you will know that we have been absent due to a family crisis. We are now home for the time being.

I am having a glass of this incredibly luscious California Cabernet. This is really good. Granted, it should be good, considering we paid more for this bottle than we do for most. . .$24.99. Happily, it doesn’t disappoint in the least.

This Sonoma County wine is a typical California Cabernet with rich taste and substantial body. The nose is predominantly tobacco with a slight hint of vanilla. The flavor is ripe fruit, while the structure is balanced and firm. The tannins are just right and on the hefty side.

I had a non-stop day at work and did not get a break to have lunch. . .so, knowing that I need some protein to fill this empty tummy, we are going to grill a steak and I am going to make a side dish with sauteed asparagus, green onions and fresh tomatoes (from my garden) mixed with penne pasta and olive oil.

This is a great wine and worth the price. Cheers!

Firestone Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)

We are getting ready for a trip to Florida tomorrow in which we will celebrate and honor the life of a wonderful, intelligent man, a devoted and honorable husband, a strong and caring father, a loyal brother, a loving grandfather. . .

Tonight as we make our to-do lists and prepare for the trip, we are enjoying this California wine from the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County.

The nose is subtle, but with distinct aromas of licorice and spice. The texture is full-bodied and round on the palate with lots of berries. The finish is predominantly coffee and chocolate.

This is a perfect example of why. . .when someone asks for a wine recommendation from me. . .I suggest a California Cabernet. This is exceptionally delicious. I will definitely buy this one again.

Joe, we love you and salute you.

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet (2008)

It’s a midweek evening and Trigger and I are holding down the fort while Tom attends to a family emergency. It’s been a difficult week and we are hoping and praying for the best outcome.

I purchased this wine at our local grocery store. I happen to love a shiraz-cabernet blend and this was on sale.

The wine is big on fruit and chocolate and generous with the oak, as well. This is a lovely, big, new-world Australian red wine that is a perfect mid-week sipper.

Hurry home, Tom. . .

Alma Andina Malbec Reserve (2008)

We are enjoying our Sunday evening after a welcome weekend at home. We have had a busy July and this “no obligation” weekend was a happy respite. We worked a lot in and outside the house. We heard from Tony and he arrived safely in Seoul.

So, this post will be quick because Tom is outside on the patio grilling and I need to bring him his glass of wine. I marinated a pork loin for dinner and that will be on the grill for probably 45 minutes or so. I am going to serve this with baked potatoes and sliced cucumbers in vinegar (from my garden), sliced tomatoes with sliced green onions (from my garden).

This wine is delicious. From high in the vineyards in Argentina, this fruity wine is very smooth with ripe fruit and chocolate with a touch of vanilla on the finish. A perfect choice for grilled pork loin and garden-fresh vegetables.