Trigger lookTrigger is a 23-pound, eight-year-old terrier mix. She is a charming, affectionate, and intelligent wine-tasting companion. The evening cocktail hour is her favorite time of the day.

An ongoing question is which breeds make up Trigger’s mix? Boxer? Jack Russell? Boston terrier? People always ask and everyone has a different idea.

Trigger’s a rescue and had some hard times. She’s been shot twice (and still has a pellet in her chest). But she’s living the good life now.

TriggerTrigger finds wine tasting relaxing.



Trigger during blogging

Trigger upside down

48 Responses to “Trigger”

  1. Tom & Melody Says:

    Is she not the cutest little dog?

  2. Delight Fagan Says:

    I have to say, Trigger has won my heart. With a granddaughter dog, like Trigger Ann – who needs grandchildren? Just kidding!

  3. Tony Reifel Says:

    Take it back Grandma!!!

  4. Karen Says:

    What a cutie!

  5. Tom & Melody Says:

    Yes, if only you could see her cuddled on my lap right now! Thanks, Karen!

  6. Delight Fagan Says:

    I am the proud gramma of Trigger Ann – You would have to know my background to appreciate the love I have for Trigger. She is the sweetest, kindest, most obedient dog in the world. I have never wanted to pet or touch a dog before Trigger. Trigger looks up into your eyes and recognizes complete adoration.
    I am also the very proud grandmother to Tommy and Tony. They are the finest young gentlemen in the whole world. If everyone was like these young men – love and respect would dominate the world. Grandma loves you both!

  7. Sally Caudill Says:

    Your dog is adorable. I have a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix and while Trigger’s brown color is throwing me off, there is an amazing resemblance to my dog, Molly, who’s black and white. The head shape, markings, eyes, snout length, mouth and ears are almost identical.

  8. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Sally! We are very interested in hearing more about Molly! Is there any chance we could see a picture of her? Is she a sweetiepie? — Melody–

    • drew Says:

      wow! trigger is a cutie!! i have a boxer/beagle mix and her name is lucy, she is 22 lbs. and looks the complete same as trigger! trigger for sure has boxer mix. lol trigger is loving the good life in these pictures!! good day!

      • Tom & Melody Says:

        Amazing! Trigger is also 22 lbs. I wonder if Trigger also has some beagle in her? I’ll be Lucy is every bit as sweet as Trigger. Thanks for the comment. Here’s to our adorable dogs!

  9. Sally Caudill Says:

    Sure, I’d be happy to send a couple pics of Molly. I’m not sure how to post them though…

  10. Sharon Says:

    Your Trigger looks a lot like the little brown & white Boston Terrier I just adopted. Hard to tell what Trigger is mixed with (resulting in the longer nose and small ears), but I do see my dog in Trigger. Cute!

  11. Tom & Melody Says:

    Sharon, I’d love to see a picture of your little dog. Thank you for commenting on Trigger. She is cuddled under my arm as I type this!

  12. Michelle Says:

    Hi I too have a Boston/Jack Russel mix, Oscar. Trigger looks Like he has some beagle in him? We also have another dog that has boston/Jack Russel and mystery mix in her, Daisy. She has the same markings in her that your dog has.
    I’m trying to find other dogs like my Oscar because he is always turning heads at the dog park. I love the Boston terrier mixes.

  13. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Michelle, I would love to see pictures of Oscar and Daisy. When I got Trigger, the rescuers said she was part Boxer and part Boston Terrier. But, sometimes we wonder if she might have some Jack Russel in her. I think Boston Terriers are so cute!

  14. Lisa Says:

    This is SOOO crazy!! I was just online looking for pictures of a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix and came across your website!! I swear that I have Trigger’s sister!! YES you read that right!! My dog’s name is Dharma and she just turned 8 in May this year. I rescued her from a pound in Jacksonville, North Carolina in July of 1999. When I adopted her she was the last puppy left and I was told that there were 5 puppies in the litter. I was told that she was a Boston/Boxer mix.

    PLEASE get in touch with me!! I’d love to share pictures because I swear this is Dharma’s long lost sister!!

  15. Lisa Says:

    Sorry in my excitement and FAST typing… Dharma turned 9 this year–not 8!!

  16. Tom & Melody Says:

    Lisa — I sent you an email! I can’t wait to see pictures of Dharma!! Thank you for writing!

  17. Lisa Says:

    I just got home from out to dinner and the first thing I did was check here! I can’t wait to get your email!! My husband thought I was nuts when I told him I thought I had found Dharma’s long lost sister!!!

  18. Tom & Melody Says:

    Lisa, for some reason my email to you is stuck in my outbox. I will keep trying to send but in case it doesn’t go out, keep checking here, okay? I really want to see pictures. Also, I had told you in the email that Trigger also is 9 years old (this description of her on this page is dated and needs to be updated)! How sweet is Dharma? Trigger is SO sweet! She also doesn’t like to get her paws wet on dewy grass or in mud puddles. Okay, Lisa, going to try and get this email unstuck so we can communicate more! In fact, why don’t you just send me an email at: That will solve the email issue. can’t wait!

  19. Tom & Melody Says:

    Lisa — I sent you an email with pictures. Please let me know when/if you receive it. (I still couldn’t send from my home email so I tried from my work email.) You weren’t exaggerating about Dharma! This is amazing!!

  20. alice Says:

    she is real cute

  21. Tom & Melody Says:

    Thank you, Alice! You should see her in person.

  22. Kim Glass Says:

    Dear Tom and Melody,
    I just had to write to you. In May I was coming home from work & I found a little abandoned puppy. It was out near our airport (JIA) and there is NOTHING out there! I think she was dumped! She was only about 7 weeks old! I brought her home intending to find her a good home. I already had a dog! Didn’t need another! Well, she was such a sweetie I ended up keeping her! Her name is Lilly & she’s the SPITTING image of Trigger Ann!!! She’s about 18 lbs.She even has that little “wash basin lower lip” thing going on that I see in Trigger :)) What’s strange is her name is Lilly Ann! (But I only call her that when she’s naughty.) I have pics! You won’t believe it! It looks like the same girl. Even the markings are the same! I know how to attatch them but I’m not sure how to do it to this blog, only to an email…Any suggestions on how to attatch them to this? I’ll also look around on here and see if I can figure it out….

    Thank-you, Kim and Lilly

  23. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Kim & Lilly! I LOVED your pictures of Lilly. She is so adorable. How sad that she was abandoned but how wonderful that she was found and loved by you. She is a beautiful dog and I agree she looks a lot like Trigger Ann! I wish we weren’t so far apart. . .it would be fun to get our little girls together!

  24. Fawn Says:

    She looks very much like my foster dog. She is about 4 and 35 pounds. We think she is a Boston/Boxer cross. I dont know how to send a pic, but I can get you her adoption website page.

  25. Tom & Melody Says:

    Fawn, I would love to see your foster dog. Please send me the information so I can see her! Thanks so much.

  26. Tae Says:

    Trigger is adorable! I know you don’t know her breeds but our dog, Rover, has a striking resemblance to her. We were told he is a boxer/beagle/jack russell terrier mix. If you would like to see some pics of him, let me know!

  27. Tom & Melody Says:

    Tae, Yes, please send me pictures! I’ll bet Rover is adorable!

  28. Lisa & Dharma Says:

    Hi Melody! SOOO sorry that I lost touch with you and Trigger. I was just searching through Boston Terrier photos on the web and found Trigger’s pictures again. We moved from TX back to NC sortof in the country and we FINALLY got GOOD internet service!! I can send recent pictures of Dharma~~~Trigger’s long lost sister!!
    Email me and I will email them to ya!

  29. Lisa & Dharma Says:

    PS The girls will be celebrating their 10th Birthday this month!! We have Dharma’s marked on the calendar as May 24th 😉

  30. Lisa & Dharma Says:

    I just uploaded new photos taken the other day…. 😉

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Lisa, I just looked at the pictures of Dharma and, once again, it is just amazing! Especially the top two on the right — I would swear that those are pictures of Trigger. I, for one, am convinced they are sisters. Wouldn’t it be great to get them together? This morning, Tom & I were walking Trigger and we passed a neighbor’s yard who must have had company visiting with dogs. There was a Boxer and a Boston Terrier playing in the yard. Now, I hope they fall in love and have puppies! I’d be the first to take one! 🙂 Thanks so much for getting back in touch. Where in NC are you? We sometimes visit NC (and we take Trigger) because Tom’s sister lives in NC.

      • Lisa & Dharma Says:

        Melody– We live about 20 minutes from Raleigh, NC. It would be great to get them together!

  31. Susan Says:

    I just saw Trigger’s picture, and Trigger looks just like our dog, Libby. Libby’s mother is a beagle and her father a boston terrier. I suspect Trigger is the same! Very good dogs!

  32. Susan Says:

    I just sent a picture of Libby to you. What do you think?

  33. Paul & Nicole Says:

    My wife, Nicole found your pictures of Trigger…our dog, Rebound is Trigger’s exact twin! It’s uncanny! We get the same guestions regarding whatever mixes he might be. I used to say he was Boston, Jack Russell and Boxer…lately I’ve decided he is probably just Jack Russell and Boxer. Either way, they look like brother and sister. It would be fun to exchange photos, if you’re interested–our email is We would love to hear from you!

  34. Samantha Says:

    Wow, Your Puppy Looks like My Little Boy To A T… I Wonder if this is his long lost sister or something. It’s almost like im looking at my puppy. He is a beagle, boston terrier mix, I do believe and I think he is about 6-8 years old. I saved him from the road about three years ago & he has been my baby boy every since. I would love to share a picture of him with you guys. It’s amazing how much a like they look.

    • - Says:

      We would love to see a picture of your little boy! Our “daughter” is 12 years old so perhaps Trigger is your dog’s grandmother! I will send you a separate email so that you can send us pictures, okay?

  35. Dawn Says:

    I remember Trigger!!!! 🙂 I’m glad she’s doing well!

  36. Lisa Fenton Says:

    Hi Melody! We chatted a few years ago about my Dharma and Trigger being sisters and we exhanged photos 🙂 It looks like several others have come forward that have look-a-likes! I truly believe our girls are sisters!!!
    Dharma is now 13, will be 14 in May. Her health is going down hill and we are considering our options. This is a very tough decision as she is snuggled in a blanket beside me snoring away.
    Anyway, just thinking of Trigger….. Take care.

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