Beringer California Collection Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

We have had the 2006 vintage of this wine many times but I believe this is our first 2007. We just finished a gin martini (up, shaken, with olives) and now are sipping this wine while we finish the newspaper crossword puzzle. Dinner will be soon – just a fresh salad from my garden and a leftover pizza. Nothing to brag about but an  easy meal, for sure.

I am too hyper to cook because my son (my baby) is coming home tomorrow. He has been teaching for one year in Paju, South Korea. I cannot describe how excited I am to see him!

This wine is adequate but not particularly my cup of tea. I generally like California Cabernets but this one has a strong vanilla taste. . .a subtle whiff of vanilla is much more my style. So, although I think Tom would say positive things about this wine, I have to conclude that it is a bit too cloying for my taste. So, definitely adequate. But it doesn’t make me swoon.

Sterling Vintner’s Collection Shiraz (2005)

sterling-vinters-collection-shiraz-central-coast-2006This Sterling Shiraz is our choice for this Wednesday evening. We have been so, so busy and have neglected our blog terribly for the first time since we started this. Tonight is the night I get back on track. We actually opened this bottle last night (after finishing a bottle of red wine that was a blend of grenache and shiraz). Tonight, we are finishing this Central Coast wine. It is lovely. This is a big and fruity quaff, with blackberry, cherry, and vanilla attributes. The finish is caramel and oak.

For dinner, I am simply heating up leftovers — a stew with sausage, chicken, potatoes, green beans, saurkraut and chicken broth. It may not sound good, but it is savory and delicious!

By the way, our son Tony is in Chicago waiting to pick up his Visa so that he can travel to South Korea for his new job. I can’t imagine how much I will miss him!