Valoroso Cabernet Sauvignon Castelao (2008)

A Wednesday June evening and we worked on the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle for awhile. I had opened a bottle of another wine last night and I can’t even drink it. . .not good (see previous post). . .so I opened this bottle of Portuguese wine and THIS is more like it. If you like ripe plums, this is your wine. An abundance of plum flavor on the palate with a touch of spice and tobacco on the finish.

For dinner tonight, something so simple I am almost embarrassed to write about it — but I had a pound of ground beef in the refrigerator and I had a long, demanding day at work (that’s my excuse) — so, I browned the beef in my cast-iron skillet, drained the fat and then added chopped onions, followed by a large can of diced tomatoes. That simmered while we worked on our crossword puzzle. Then, I added a can of chicken broth and about 3/4 box of elbow macaroni and covered the skillet to simmer. When that is done, we’ll have a tasty goulash that I will serve with a vegetable and salad. Extremely plain but comforting. . .


Valoroso Cabernet Sauvignon Castelao (2008)

It’s a Friday night — woo hoo! It was a long and arduous work week for me and included a very, very long road trip to do a presentation and then turn around and drive back. (Well, ride back; I didn’t have to drive. . .my colleague did all the driving; thank you, Mike!)

So, here we are; taking a deep breath and relishing in our Friday night status! I have leftovers (pot roast) heating up on the stove. I also have some kale I will saute and I am going to make a fresh salad with arugula, romaine, avocado and carrots (that’s all I have) with my homemade salad dressing. This is the best salad dressing. It is all we ever eat in this household. In a nutshell, here is what I do: I take a bottle of spicy mustard that is close to empty. I add olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar until it is almost full. Then, I add basil oregano, savory, rosemary and thyme, along with salt & pepper. Shake until the spicy poupon/horseradish mustard is mixed well and what you have is a simply delicious salad dressing. This bottle will last for many salads (or until you have nearly finished the next spicy mustard).

I chose this wine (from a wine club) for tonight because I think it will hold up well to the roast beef. This Portuguese wine is just the ticket tonight. Lots of plum and a bit of spice on the palate and a velvety, silky finish. There is nothing not to like . . .as it breathes, I also note cloves and a touch of tobacco.