Cupcake Malbec (2008)

It’s Saturday evening and we are enjoying this Argentine Malbec that I bought this week at The Plum Market in Ann Arbor. I also picked up some ground beef at the meat counter and I have made some super burgers (with spices, steak sauce and green onions) which we are having tonight along with a salad.

The first thing both Tom & I noticed about this wine is the nose:  Beefy. Tom is oohing and ahhing over this one. This is our kind of wine. Big. With dark chocolate and coffee notes along with sumptuous ripe fruit. Thank you, Plum Market for putting this one on sale! I am going to get more. . .

Happy news! I heard from our youngest, Tony, today, who is still in Ecuador but will returning to “Murica” on April 30. He will be making his way back to Michigan sometime in late May. We can’t wait! We will celebrate his return, for sure.