Melanto Terrace Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

We are having a glass of this for our Tuesday night. It is delicious.

For dinner I made a stir fry. I sauteed onions and green pepper in olive oil and then added chunks of sirloin steak (from a local farmer). When the steak was brown, I added a large amount of fresh spinach and some chopped, fresh tomato. I tossed this with angel hair pasta and olive oil. Delish!

This wine is fruity with a finish of cherries, vanilla, and licorice.

Peñalolen Cabernet Sauvignon

We just finished dinner and it was delicious! I had purchased two steaks for our anniversary dinner (which was Friday) but because of some unforeseen circumstances, we weren’t able to have those steaks on our actual anniversary. So, here we are, a Monday after work, and we grilled steaks and opened this Peñalolen wine from Chili. I purchased this wine at Plum Market in Ann Arbor. It was $20 on sale for $17. And. . .it is oh so good. The first thing I noticed was the color. It isn’t red or deep purple — the best way I can describe this color is that it looks like iodine (mercurachrome). (I just asked Tom how to spell mercurachrome and he made it known that I was dating myself by using this descriptor.) But, that is the color! Do you all remember that color? The second thing I noticed was the taste of tobacco on the finish. This is a leather, tobacco and dark chocolate kind of wine and it is oh so good. This is definitely a keeper in our household. Certainly not an everyday wine, but a wine to savor on special occasions. And what better time than April 5, 2010?

Falcon Ridge Syrah (2006)

We are in the midst of a winter storm advisory. We have several inches of new snow and it is still snowing. The advisory is in effect until early tomorrow morning.

But, it is Thursday night, which means that tomorrow is Friday which is a happy day because the next day is Saturday!!

I can’t remember where we purchased this Falcon Ridge Syrah 2006 but Tom chose it tonight because I am making a steak dinner (I am trying a recipe in which you sear the steak in hot oil [stovetop] and then put it in the oven on a low temperature. Hey, I am NOT sending Tom out to grill in this weather!) I am also baking potatoes and making a fresh salad. I have a recipe for a sauce to drizzle over the baked potatoes, which includes freshly squeezed lemon juice, sour cream, chives and vinegar. . .sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

This wine is okay but it isn’t one I would recommend, particularly. Even if it was a good deal (which it probably was) this won’t be on my “buy again” list. It is very drinkable and absolutely adequate, but it just isn’t great. First of all, the texture is rather thin. The taste is plummy but the aftertaste is predominantly mineral-ly. Tom used the word “leather” to describe the finish, which I thought was very descriptive, too. It’s a little of both — metal and leather. This is not my cup of tea, particularly. However, I will have no qualms about finishing my glass because it is not bad; it is just not my favorite.

Tom: This Falcon Ridge Syrah 2006 is pleasant and interesting: it’s light-bodied but tannic, dry, a nice dark-fruit taste with a bit of a leathery finish. I like it. It’s different than our usual cabs (the light-body-ness may be typical of syrahs; I just don’t know that much about syrahs). (The neighborhood kids are outside playing street football in the snow, I think they’re hoping for a snow day tomorrow…)

El Portillo Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)

It is a Wednesday evening. On the way home from work tonight, I stopped at Kroger’s in Ann Arbor to buy some groceries (because now that both Tommy and Tony are here for awhile, the food consumption has skyrocketed in our house)! Well, I was just innocently pushing my cart through the isles, getting things like chicken, hamburger, plums, avocados, peppers, etc., when what to my wondering eyes appeared? A table and a grocery cart full of wine with a sign that said “50% off price marked.” What was I to do? Just walk by? Of course not! I started rummaging through the lot and placing wine on top of the chicken, potatoes and other things in my cart. I believe I ended up with 10 bottles that I thought were worthy. . .this Mendoza red was one of them. The price on the label was $10.99, which means I bought it for $5.50. I’ll have nine more wines to tell you about after this one! This is delicious. It has aged three years and it probably at its peak in complexity. The color is deep red with a taste of blackberries. This is a great Argentinian Cabernet and I am glad I found it. (I think I’ll go back and pick up some more before they run out.)

I have a sirloin steak marinating in sze chaun sauce and rice vinegar. I will serve that with a fresh salad for dinner. This Cab will be an excellent accompaniment to our dinner.

Velazco Red Wine (2007)

Velazco Aminga Valley La Rioja 2007This Velazco Aminga Valley La Rioja 2007, an Argentinian red, is a blend of 85% Bonarda and 15% Syrah and, oh, is it wonderful. We actually opened it last night (Friday night) and we finished the bottle, but I took notes. (Our son, Tony, would love this one!) We know, of course the smoky, peppery flavor of Syrah, but the blend of the Bonarda grape produces an exciting mouthful of cherries, plums and spice.

This wine was perfect for our dinner of marinated steak on the grill with grilled orange, yellow and red peppers, steamed brown rice and asparagus. By the way, this is the first time I have grilled peppers. I know it is not novel to most, but it was to me. I drizzled olive oil on the peppers and we grilled them — probably about 3 minutes a side. They were splendidly delicious! This will be a standard now for the summer.

Tres Valles Curico Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

Tres Valles Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

It is Wednesday evening and I had today (and the rest of the week) off from work. I needed to get a long run in today because I am training for a half marathon and I can’t run long this weekend because I am attending a yoga retreat (my first — I have no idea what to expect). My son Tony, who is home briefly in between graduating from college and starting his summer job, rode my bike along side me today for 12 miles. It was so great to have his company. It rained, it thundered, but we just kept going and going and I got it done. Woo hoo! Tony was a great coach. He talked me through hills and rough spots and even made me do a “kick” as I was in sight of home. Thank you, Tony! You were a magnificent coach and great company. I enjoyed the chance to talk to you for two hours!

Tom chose this Tres Valles Curico Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from Chile for tonight because we are going to grill steak for dinner. I am going to make a nice salad and keep it simple tonight. The wine is perfect for a steak dinner. The color is purple and dense. There is a touch of bacon on the nose. On the palate it is full of berries and chocolate. The finish is raspberries with a nice round feel in the mouth.

I am totally loving my time off and looking forward to another free day tomorrow.