Villa Farnia di Farnese Montepulciano D’Abruzzo (2010)

We had a busy Saturday but are now relaxing and enjoying a very lovely happiness hour (or two). We usually have cocktails in our front room but today we are sitting in our living room because Tom is watching football. But he was patient enough to also help me with this week’s Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle. This week is pretty difficult and we have aways to go! What is a six letter word for “stick on the field”?

For dinner my trusty cast iron skillet is on the stove with some homemade spaghetti sauce simmering. I am going to stir fry some fresh spinach.

This is is a solid, rustic wine with a soft texture and thick fruit flavors. This is going to go well with out spaghetti and spinach dinner.


Ultima de Farnese

It is Friday night and we are kicking back, reading the paper, kinda sorta watching a football game, and enjoying this luscious Italian wine. Very smooth with round tannins, this wine is rich with blackberries, spice and black pepper. It is unfiltered so there is a bit of sludge at the bottom of the bottle which we could easily eliminate by decanting (but we didn’t).

We had this wine with spaghetti and something really dark green from the food coop. It might have been kale but I can’t be sure. It certainly made us feel health conscious, whatever it was.”>20111104-201526.jpg

Villa Farnia Di Farnese Montepulciano D’Abruzzo (2010)

We are having an Italian feast tonight and are enjoying this Montepulciano, which is delicious. This is a classic Italian wine. A bit austere with pronounced tannins. Perfect for our meal. I made a homemade spaghetti meat sauce that simmered all afternoon and filled the house with a savory aroma. With spaghetti we had fresh, steamed spinach and cheesy garlic toast. We especially enjoyed having our son Tony home with us. He has recently come home from a year of traveling, spending most of his time during the past year in Australia and South Korea.

Castello Montedoro (2006)

It is Sunday evening and we had a lovely weekend. I have spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove for our dinner tonight. My sauce is a hodgepodge of onions, garlic, tomatoes, ground beef, thyme, oregano, parsley, brown sugar, red wine, red pepper flakes.  Makes for a spicy, substantial sauce.

For a spaghetti dinner, I chose this Italian Castello Montendoro. It’s a lovely deep red in the glass. The nose is plummy and the taste is a vivid blackberry with some cherry notes. The finish is oak and cherry.

It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Bob! Can’t wait to see you in July.

Bridgman Cabernet (2005)

We are having a glass of this Cabernet from Washington State and I already know we’re going to finish this bottle for two reasons : 1) Because it is delicious and I can’t get enough and 2) it’s Friday!!

Yummy, this is good. Plenty of spices on the nose and palate along with complex layers of fruit and a touch of cedar.

For dinner, we are having spaghetti with my homemade sauce, sauteed asparagus, baked squash and a salad. We still have pumpkin pie leftover from Thanksgiving but we never seem to have room for any dessert so I’m hoping Tommy will stop by one of these nights and finish it!

Rosati Barbaresco (2004)

Rosati Barbaresco 2004It is a Monday evening and Tom opened this wine to celebrate! Celebrate what (you may ask)? Well, we’re celebrating the fact that Tom finally figured out why our newly-installed (by him) ceiling fan was making noise. We were getting to the point where we were saying “This fan is really nice. We just can’t use it at night because it keeps us awake.” It clicked and rattled. But, he thinks he has it fixed, now. So, cheers to a quiet ceiling fan!

I purchased this wine because it was “discontinued” and on sale. The regular price for this wine is $40 but it was on sale for $19. So, I wanted to see what a $40 bottle of wine tasted like. Here are my tasting notes:

The color is cherry red (not inky black like many of the wines that I like). The nose is floral and sweet. On the palate, the wine has a velvety texture with not a lot of body (typical old-world Italian, in my opinion). The taste is woody with magnificent tannins. This is a delicious wine and I like it very much. I am glad I was able to try it; I wouldn’t have purchased it at its regular price of $40.

The weather has cooled off a bit since our latest heat wave, so I am making spaghetti for dinner. This wine will complement our dinner perfectly. Can’t wait to fall asleep under our quiet fan. . .

Bella Sera Chianti (2006)

I bought this Italian Bella Sera Chianti at our local grocery store for about $9. I chose this wine tonight to go with our spaghetti dinner. I started the sauce in the afternoon and it has been simmering in my big old cast iron skillet for hours. (There is something about spaghetti sauce in a cast-iron skillet; I am convinced it tastes better that way.) This was my third vacation day and I am loving my time off. I suppose many people would wish for some entertainment for their vacation, however, I just like being home and doing simple things. I really enjoy it.

This wine starts with a spicy nose. The taste is fruity (raspberries) and dry; to me, this is a very typical Italian table wine.  It is light bodied with medium tannins. I would definitely purchase this again and I would save it for our spaghetti nights!