A Few Good Men Shiraz (2005)

A Few Good Men Shiraz 2005 is a South African Shiraz that we purchased recently at a wine shop in Traverse City, Michigan. The nose is fresh and inviting with cloves and spice. On the palate is a rich, complex wine wtih distinct undertones of pepper, spice and black cherry. The finish is very nice with a touch of black tar and leather. The tannins are smooth and silky.

It is Wednesday night and we are missing Barack Obama’s infomercial because we are still engaged in our cocktail hour (I worked late tonight) and reading the paper. For dinner tonight, I have prepared a very simple, but delicious soup. I start with ground beef and onions and add chopped tomatoes, beef broth, canneli beans, black beans, hot sauce and barley. It is simmering and I just took a loaf of whole wheat bread out of the oven. (I took a frozen whole wheat loaf out of the freezer this morning before work and let it rise all day.)

The wine is very good. A perfect mid-week quaff!

(Hi Tony! We love you and miss you!)

Lindemans South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

It is a Thursday night and I worked late. We had a delicious martini to start our cocktail hour. Now we are having a glass of this South African Cabernet, which is quite nice. We keep buying this particular wine on sale at our local grocery store. I think it is usually on sale for $7.99. It is fruity with a predominant taste of strawberries but it is not sweet and it has a rather sophisticated level of complexity, which I enjoy. I have pizza in the oven and this wine should hold up well to the strong flavors. It is a hot and beautiful Michigan summer night. . .cheers!

Lindemans South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

Lindemans South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

I bought two bottles of this Lindemans South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 today at the local grocery store because it was on sale. A good choice! The nose is fresh and lively and the taste is bursting with berries. This is a delicious “drink now” wine that requires no cellaring. The taste is fruity and friendly and, as my brother-in-law Bob says, “it drinks good.” The predominant taste is strawberry and the finish is velvety smooth.

I taught a class this weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) so I did not get my normal down time this weekend. And, it is back to work tomorrow. At least I have this evening to unwind and rest my brain.

I was in the mood for a good home-cooked meal so I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from teaching and purchased ground beef, pork and veal. I mixed up two meatloaves and put one in the oven and one in the freezer. It smells good. Just what we need after a long weekend of work! For my meatloaf, I add oatmeal, milk, eggs, onions, spicy mustard and tomato juice (and lots of pepper). Delish!