The Original Smoking Loon Syrah (2008)

Tom poured me a glass of this California Smoking Loon Syrah 2008 to sip while I prepared dinner tonight. I was not gung ho to have this wine tonight because a) it was the dregs leftover from last night [I had not had any, but Tom did] and b) I had a vague memory of not enjoying this particular wine. But I decided to be opened minded (for a change). What I discovered is that my memory was probably accurate in that this is not a wine that tickles my taste buds, particularly. Yet, it is not distasteful and it is entirely drinkable, especially for a Tuesday work night. So considering Tom purchased this on sale at our local grocery store for $8 (normally $11.49), I would have to say it is a good value. The color is purple ink, with a chocolate, strawberries, caramel and sage nose. The palate is very fruity with intense blueberry and strawberry flavor and a finish of  an unusual combination of chocolate and rosemary.

For dinner I prepared what I believe is a healthy dish of high-protein pasta tossed with peas, salmon, olive oil and scallions with a squeeze of fresh lemon. We really enjoyed it.

Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon (2009)

We have been absent from our blog for several months due to obligations and distractions. We will try to do better. So, tonight, after a very hectic work day, I put together a meal on the fly and Tom opened this Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 that he bought this weekend on sale at our local grocery store. Frankly, I was expecting not to like it because a) I didn’t like the look of the label (stupid, but true) and 2) I somewhat close-mindedly assumed that a wine on sale at our local grocery store would be marginal, at best. However, this wine is not all bad. It is a drinkable and enjoyable midweek quaff. The nose is very off-putting at first, but it gets better after it breathes for awhile. This is a pleasant, black fruit-rich wine with strong tannins. The finish is slightly bitter but in a good way.

For dinner, I started with a pound of ground beef from the freezer. I ended with a hamburger stroganoff that was very tasty, thanks to lots of spices, chicken broth and sour cream.

It is so good to be home after a 6-day work trip. Time to relax and enjoy the last night before official summer begins tomorrow!

Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

It is mid-week and we are reading the newspaper after long days at our jobs. I got home late tonight so I am going to have leftovers (meatloaf) for dinner but I am going to make a fresh salad, too.

We have had this Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon before but it was a 2006, I believe. So, let’s see how the 2007 fares. . .First of all, the color is dark purple. It is thick — not thin — with a clove-y, fruity nose. The taste is uber fruity (I had to use that word [uber] just once)  and, in addition to the berry fruit, I detect a definite finish of dill. How interesting! It takes a while, but if you concentrate after sipping, the dill makes itself known. Tom seems to be enjoying this wine, too. He’s a pretty discriminating taster compared to me so I will enjoy reading his tasting notes.

Tom: This Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 is pleasant and sippable: medium-bodied and pleasantly tannic, with medium dark fruit and a slight vegetal taste. This will go nicely with meatloaf.