Robert Mondavi Vinetta (2006)

robert-mondavi-private-selection-vinetta-2006I am waiting to see what Tom chooses for our wine tonight. We just finished a martini — the life-giving fluid, as Tom always says. It is Sunday after Thanksgiving, the snow is falling heavily in Michigan, Trigger is snuggled in my chair with me and we are anticipating our week ahead. We had an active weekend and wish we had one more day to recover.

I have a pot of beef stew on the stove — a change from turkey! I started with a chuck roast, which I cut into cubes, dried with paper towels and seasoned with salt and pepper. I browned the beef in a cast-iron skillet with very hot oil; I added a chopped onion and two cloves of garlic (chopped); then I added about 1/4 cup tomato sauce, the remains of a bottle of dry red (probably a cup or so) and a small can of chicken broth and let it simmer for awhile (at least an hour, probably more). A few minutes ago, I transferred the beef mixture from the skillet into a larger pot and added thyme, bay leaves, cubed potatoes and carrots. It’s covered and simmering now.

And Tom has brought me a glass of wine! It is something he bought today at our local grocery store, Polly’s Country Market. He said it was on sale for $8. This Robert Mondavi Vinetta 2006 is very good. This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (72%), Merlot (10%), Petit Verdot (10%), Malbec (7%) and, last and least. Cabernet Franc (1%). I really like these red blends; so interesting. This is very Bordeaux like. The nose is delightful — with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. On the palate is wood, cocoa and bramble. The tannins are firm. Tom selected a good wine for our beef stew on this snowy, winter night. Cheers!


Robert Mondavi Private Selection Syrah (2006)

robert-mondavi-private-selection-syrah-2006This California Robert Mondavi Private Selection Syrah 2006 was on sale today at our local grocery store and Tom picked it up along with milk and orange juice (the three essential liquids). Yum, this is good! It is fruity with a velvety texture on the finish. This is an easy-to-drink wine that would pair well with lots of different foods.

Tonight I am making a steak stir-fry — nothing fancy. I have one steak that I took out of the freezer and cut into chunks. I will sauté the steak in my trusty cast-iron skillet coated with olive oil. Then I’ll add asparagus, ground salt, and pepper, and then mix it with some cooked Barilla thin spaghetti and olive oil.  Like I said, nothing special. I didn’t go grocery shopping today so I needed to make do with what I had on hand.

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2006I am finishing this bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from California tonight, while Tom is finishing a bottle of Walnut Crest Cabernet. (We had a few sips left in each bottle.)  The Robert Mondavi is a juicy-fruit quaff with spicy plums. I like this wine very much.  I think there is a case of this wine calling my name. I am making skillet chicken tonight along with mashed potatoes and a salad. The chicken is simmering in the skillet now and I am about ready to get up and start the salad with some fresh lettuce, green onions, cucumbers and tomatoes all picked from my very tiny garden! Maybe I can convince Tom to blog about the Walnut Crest, too.