Bliss Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

A  Thursday here in Michigan and we are enjoying this California Cabernet from Mendocino County, California. But before I get to the wine, I have to say that I had a call from our son, Tony, tonight (on Skype). Tony is in Ecuador. I really, really needed to see his face and I did tonight. I miss him so much.

Meanwhile, I have meatloaf and potatoes in the oven for our dinner tonight. I am going to make a salad, too. I was going to saute cabbage for our vegetable but I think I will save that for another night.

This wine has been in our basement for about a year. We just brought it up because our supply was seriously dwindling! This is a nice California Cabernet — and anyone who has read our blog for any length of time knows that I am a fan of California’s Cabernets. This wine does not disappoint — although it is not a wine I am swooning over — it is a drinkable and delicious wine. Both on the nose and the palate is musky tobacco and cranberries. The finish is generously long — and so smoky you might think you had had the wine while puffing on a cigarette! The finish is quite exceptional.

Glad we have a few more of these bottles on hand. Cheers!