Il Papavero Primitivo (2008)

Saturday night . . .at last! What a busy work week. Today I went to our men’s basketball game and happily we won! Now we are settling in for a quiet evening at home. We have music playing, we’re working on the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle, and dinner is simmering.

I chose this wine from our wine club shipment for tonight. This is very much like a Zinfandel — but Italian style. Fruity yet astringent. Rich color. Plummy nose. Lots of fruit on the palate with a dark chocolate finish and velvet tannins. This will be a good choice for our pork loin/mashed potatoes/sauteed spinach dinner. Nothing fancy but comforting food for tonight.

While I was at the game today, our son, Tony, Skyped from Ecuador. I am so sorry I missed his call, but at least Tom was here to talk to him. He is doing great and I miss, miss, miss him!


Deepwater Point Zinfandel (2007)

We have had Deepwater Point Zinfandel quite a few times. Tonight we are having it with a dinner of slow-cooked marinated pork loin. (My recipe is pretty basic: Place pork loin in heavy skillet. Sprinkle with dry onion soup mix. Add 3/4 cup of dry red wine, 1 cup of water, 3 TBS soy sauce and mix. After turning the loan to make sure it is soaked thoroughly in the marinade, chop 2 cloves of garlic and press into the pork. Cover and simmer at a very, very low temperature in the oven (mine has been cooking for nearly 6 hours). I will serve this  Au jus with cheddar potatoes, steamed green beans and a fresh salad (made from baby lettuce leaves from my garden).

This wine is pleasant and easy to drink. It is surprisingly gentle on the palate for a Zinfandel. The first taste is almost watery, but then it explodes in the mouth with strawberries and green pepper. The finish is peppery and delicious.

My neighbor is mowing his lawn (poor fellow; doesn’t he know it is cocktail hour?) and the children across the street are playing basketball. I enjoy all the sights and sounds. Cheers!

Las Perdices Malbec (2006)

I bought this las perdices Malbec at our local grocery store. It was on sale for $13.95.  Las Perdices Malbec is delicious and elegant. The value of this wine is tremendous; the quality is excellent. Dark-fruited and powerful, the nose is chocolate, blackberries, and cranberries. The wine is the fabric of Argentina but with the sophistication and intricacy of a French Bordeaux.

It is Monday evening and I am roasting a pork loin for dinner. (It was something I pulled out of the freezer yesterday.)  It was a beautiful day in Michigan; winter is not over but we have had a glimpse of spring!