Oakton Lane Petite Sirah (2007)

This California Petite Sirah from the Paso Robles region arrived today in a wine club shipment. I had my meal of grilled pork loin, pototoes and a salad planned. . .however, as the night progressed, we decided it wasn’t a good night to cook. (We both worked hard this week and, hey, it’s Friday.) So, we have just ordered a pizza for our Friday-before-Labor Day weekend! This will be perfect!

Our sons have been home with us and we are having a quiet evening because Tommy is working and Tony went camping tonight.Tony leaves for his job in South Korea on September 14. Tommy starts back with his graduate-school courses on September 3.

The wine was a bit tight and closed when we first opened the wine, but after 15 minutes in the glass, it is now bursting with blackberries and pepper. The tannins are potent. We very much like this wine and it solidifies our appreciation for the petite sirah.