The Patriots Merlot 2010

Melody is on the road, and she’ll be looking for some posts. This is The Patriots Merlot 2010 from Chile, a Wall Street Journal wine club wine. It’s pleasant enough, slightly sweet, tasting of cherries. It is going well with caesar salad and scrambled eggs.


Vitiano (2008)

We are having this Vitiano 2008, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Merlot for our Saturday night. We both had to work today and so it feels more like a weekday than a weekend.

This is spicy on the nose on the palate is a quick hint of watermelon followed by blackberries. This is very,  very pleasant. I like it very much.

I purchased this at World Market for $19.99.

H.J. Fabre Malbec (2009)

We chose this Argentine H. J. Fabre Malbec 2009 for Thursday evening cocktail hour. I have been so incredibly busy at work that I have been rather brain dead in the evenings and unwilling to blog even though we have had some lovely wines and meals this week. Tonight, however, i am going to blog. I am inspired because we received several lovely comments. Very motivating!

Tonight we have decided on pizza to give me a break. Even though i find preparing meals enjoyable and relaxing, tonight I just needed to sit in my chair and read the newspaper!

This Malbec is hearty and spicy. This is the perfect choice for pizza. The nose is delectable chocolate with hints of vanilla. The taste is rich with plums and oak. This would be a good choice to swerve with beef, too. Yum. Cheers!

Warburn Estate Shiraz (2008)

warburn-estate-shiraz-2008It is a Tuesday evening at our household; a winter storm warning is in effect for tonight and tomorrow and we are hunkering down to read the paper and see what happens. Neither Tom nor I had a particularly happy day at our jobs so we are glad to be here together, licking our wounds, so to speak.  Jobs can be demanding!

For dinner, I put the pot of soup that I made this weekend on the stove to heat. I took the rest of the bread that I baked this weekend on the table and I took a chunk of cheese out of the refrigerator to warm to room temperature. This will make a delicious, but very, very easy dinner. I just didn’t have the energy to do much else tonight.

Tom chose this Warburn Estate Shiraz 2008 for us tonight. This is a great wine to taste and describe . . . the color is deep purple and the nose is grassy and vegetal; the taste is blackberries and freshly-ground black pepper. The feel in the mouth is round and supple with soft tannins. The finish is long and peppery. I like this wine . . . we haven’t had an Australian Shiraz for awhile and this is nice.

Francis Coppola Celestial Blue Label Malbec (2005)

Coppola Malbec 2005

I bought this Francis Coppola Celestial Blue Label Malbec 2005 as a gift for Tom for Christmas (along with a variety of other South American wines). Although this is a grape that is known for its Argentinian roots, Francis Coppola has found a way to grow these grapes in California. I have been keeping all of these wines downstairs in our “secondary” wine rack and I decided it was time to bring a bottle up tonight.

This is a fabulous wine and I can’t help think of our son Tony, who spent 99 days in South American (including Argentina) last summer between his junior and senior years of college. He would love this wine. He has his mother’s taste in bold and assertive red wines.

The nose is ripe with plums and minerals — the minerals remind me of our well water in tin glasses that I had a girl growing up in northern Michigan. The color is velvety violet — it has almost a creamy texture in the glass. The taste is acidic with black fruit and tannins.

I am serving this wine tonight with hamburgers on the grill with a side dish of penne pasta tossed with fresh sauteed broccoli in olive oil. We are so excited to have spring weather and I can’t resist a grilled burger to celebrate!

Tom: This Francis Coppola Celestial Blue Label Malbec 2005 is delicious: chocolaty, with a fruit taste of blackberries and a bit of cherries. Mild-medium tannins. Excellent. Who knew Malbec could do so well in California?