Opi Malbec (2008)

It is Monday evening and we were both back to work today after a lovely week of vacation in Northern Michigan. So, I poured myself the rest of the bottle of this Argentinian “Opi” Malbec and I opened a new bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for Tom.  (I think I probably got the better deal, here, because this Malbec is excellent.)

It is a very warm August night and I wanted to avoid using the oven but no luck. My groceries for the week dictacted that we were going to have a pork-chop dinner casserole with spicy baked beans and that required the oven. So, it is now in the oven in my favorite cast-iron skillet and smelling lovely. I am going to steam some green beans and slice a tomato and call it good. (For those who like recipes, I browned the chops in hot oil in the skillet. I drained the fat from the skillet and added a can of baked beans, spicy mustard, chopped onions and green peppers, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce and added the browned chops. . .put it in the oven.)

I love Malbec from Argentina, so this is a wine that I really like. This is a smoky, plummy big red with some oak wafting through the layers of deliciousness. It’s a great wine to stand up against a spicy pork and bean meal. So, even though our vacation has ended, life is quite wonderful! Cheers. . .