Alma Andina Malbec Reserve (2008)

We are enjoying our Sunday evening after a welcome weekend at home. We have had a busy July and this “no obligation” weekend was a happy respite. We worked a lot in and outside the house. We heard from Tony and he arrived safely in Seoul.

So, this post will be quick because Tom is outside on the patio grilling and I need to bring him his glass of wine. I marinated a pork loin for dinner and that will be on the grill for probably 45 minutes or so. I am going to serve this with baked potatoes and sliced cucumbers in vinegar (from my garden), sliced tomatoes with sliced green onions (from my garden).

This wine is delicious. From high in the vineyards in Argentina, this fruity wine is very smooth with ripe fruit and chocolate with a touch of vanilla on the finish. A perfect choice for grilled pork loin and garden-fresh vegetables.