Pentamere Winery Lake Erie Chambourcin

It is Monday night in April and we have a great deal of new snow on the ground.  It started last night and lasted through about noon today. We Michiganders know and expect an April snowstorm so we are taking it in stride.

I chose this local Michigan wine for our dinner tonight. The label states that this wine is dubbed “Great Lakes Chianti” which is understandable because this drinks very much like an Italian table wine. Lots of oak on the nose and the finish with strawberry and cigar smoke on the palate. The texture is thin with an acidic quality. We purchased this wine locally at a winery in Tecumseh.

For dinner, I am baking a dish I’ll call “macaroni & cheese chicken & broccoli” bake. I started by stir-frying chicken and onions (I cup up chicken breasts in small chunks). In a separate sauce pan, I browned flour in butter and added milk and chicken broth (with cayenne pepper and paprika), then added cheese to melt (and a dab of spicy mustard). Then, combined everything with cooked pasta and broccoli and put it in the oven to bake.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and wintry, too. Another good night to plan a cozy meal and cuddle up and stay warm.