Clos Du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)

This California Clos Du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 is ohhh-la-la. Tom chose this wine tonight (Tuesday) to go with our dinner (which is in the oven) of meatloaf, baked acorn squash, mashed potatoes and corn. This is yet another one of my recent Kroger purchases. It was on sale —  from around $15 to $10.

This is delicious wine with powerful flavor. In the glass is a deep, inky red.  On the nose is a combination of cranberries and licorice along with hints of nutmeg and oak. On the palate is thick blackberry flavors with a long and rich finish. If you like a good Cabernet, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t enjoy this one. If I find a good deal, I’ll get a case. I am very much enjoying this wine.

I am thinking about our son, Tony, in South Korea. He would like this wine. . .

Tormenta Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

I have chosen this Chilean red Tormenta Cabernet Sauvignon for our Wednesday-night dinner.  The wine is made with organically grown grapes. The color is inky black. The aroma is licorice and eucalyptus. The taste is dry, oaky, fruity and dry with gentle tannins.

I am steaming brown rice and will soon get the grill hot for steak. I will make a big salad to round out our meal. This is a good wine for tonight’s meal.

Castillo De Olleria

Castillo De Olleria Valencia

Castillo De Olleria Valencia 2007

This Spanish Castillo De Olleria Valencia is made from 75% Bobal and 25% Tempranillo.  This is a delicious red wine. The nose is licorice and the taste is a lovely fruit and spice. In the glass, the color is a lovely deep red. I have a meaty spaghetti sauce simmering in my old, cast iron skillet for dinner tonight. I will also steam some fresh spinach from my garden.

I participated in a golf outing today (a fundraiser for the women’s golf team) and it was a lot of fun. I was called in last minute to complete a foursome. I enjoyed golfing with Bob Conlin and his son Bob and Bob’s wife, Julie. They were so much fun and I hope our paths cross again.

Pico Syrah (2005)

Pico Syrah 2005Tom chose this Pico Syrah 2005 for our Friday night cocktail hour. I just came home from watching the EMU baseball team play in the first round of the NCAA championship game. We played Arizona. We were ahead in the 6th inning but we did eventually lose. It is double elimination so we play again tomorrow at 2:00 — we’ll play the loser of the U/Michigan vs. U/Kentucky game, which is being played right now.

This Syrah has a lovely nose — black licorice and mint.  The taste is full of fruit — cherries and blueberries — as well as some good old black dirt. The finish is buttered toast and pepper. Yum, yum.

We’re having leftover pizza tonight — it’s Friday night and it was a good night to take a break from cooking.

180 Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

180 Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon 2006It is a Monday night and Tom chose this 180 Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from California for us tonight. I have fresh mushrooms simmering in wine (red, natch), steaming brown rice, and thick pork chops marinating in Sze Schuan and white-wine vinegar. I also have fresh spinach washed and ready to saute. Dinner will be delicious!

This wine is one of my favorites. The color is magnificent — deep violet. The nose is raspberries, blueberries and subtle black licorice. The taste is very satisfying. I can taste mint, fruit and tobacco. The finish is velvety smooth with plenty of coffee and chocolate. You can’t go wrong with this wine if you are a red wine lover. Ooh-la-la!

Tom has started the grill so I need to bring him the marinated pork chops. Cheers!

Mirror Lake – Petite Sirah – Central Coast (2006)

Mirror Lake Petite Sirah 2006Tom is in California and is conducting his own wine-tasting event as I write this (see his posts below). Meanwhile, I am holding down the fort at home, taking care of our dog, Trigger, and keeping the home fires burning for when Tom comes home. I have been so busy with work-night events that this is my first chance to relax and have a glass of wine since Tom has been gone. (Correction: Second time I have had a glass of wine; first time I have had the chance to blog about it.)

Tonight, I am finishing a bottle of the Mirror Lake Petite Sirah 2006 from California. I chose this wine because it was open! But, it will go well with the flank steak (wrapped in a pinwheel around spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta cheese) that I am cooking for dinner. Although I have reviewed this wine at least twice before, I always taste a wine as though it is my first time. The color is a rich, deep black and has a blueberry and chocolate/coffee flavor. The nose is interesting; perhaps rosemary and a bit of licorice. This is a full-bodied, tasty red. The finish is smooth and satisfying.

Tom, I know the wine tasting will be fun and that you will be a fabulous teacher! Hurry home; I miss you!