Finca el Origen Malbec (2009)

We had thick, juicy hamburgers on the grill for dinner tonight with dill pickles, spicy mustard, sliced tomatoes and Vidalia onions on toasted whole wheat hamburger buns. Very yummy. I stopped at the Plum Market on the way home from work tonight and picked up 6 bottles of wine, one of which was this Finca el Origen Malbec 2009. One of the traditional Bordeaux varietals, this wine has similarities to a big Cabernet Sauvignon and a smooth Merlot. The color is very deep. The taste is plummy with ample tannins. I bought this wine on sale for $9, which I believe is a very good value. I should have picked up more than one bottle.

Dancing Bull Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

We are back from our summer vacation/family reunion and ready to get back in the blogging groove. We had the most fabulous, wonderful time in Texas with the Werner family: Host & hostess Bob & Suzanne and sons Matt, Dan & Ben (and dogs Callie and Jake); Bill & Linda and middle son, Michael; Pat and Bob and dogs Molly & Bella; Steve and Janet and daughters Emily and Katie; Tom & I and our sons Tommy & Tony, and the king and queen of the Werner family, Joe & Mary. All 20 of us stayed with Bob & Suzanne and we all loved every minute. Speaking for myself, this family reunion was one of the best times of my life!

We arrived home last night and unpacked. Today we were both back to work. On my way home, I stopped at Kroger’s and did grocery shopping and, natch, I looked at the wine. This Dancing Bull was on sale for $6 if purchasing 4 or more bottles (normally $13.99). So, I bought 3 of the Cabernet and 1 Zinfandel. I opened this Cabernet tonight to go with our dinner of hamburgers on the grill and salad. (By the way, we are under a heat advisory up here in Michigan; it was in the mid-90’s today.)

I like this wine. The nose has some leather along with strawberries and dark chocolate. The taste is very fruity — more so than most Cabernet’s for which I am familiar, but I think this would be a real draw for wine drinkers who generally drink and enjoy Australian fruity reds. The fruit is plummy with strawberries. The slightly smoky finish is enjoyable. This is a great wine to accompany your cookout with grilled meats.

Cheers to the Werner family. We miss you . . .

Glass Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

We are on our third official day of summer, June 23. We had a thunderstorm today and I understand there was an earthquake in Canada that was felt in metro Detroit. Some weather!

I started my day with a run with our youngest son, Tony, who is home briefly. We had a great run in the pre-storm, hot, sticky air. I then continued on with a very enjoyable day (I am on vacation this week), including lots of reading, which I love to do during stormy weather. This afternoon, I attended a visitation service for Joel Gentz , a hero in our hometown. Joel was a classmate of our oldest son, Tommy. Joel was killed in action in Afghanistan. I knew Joel when he was a baby and I have been friends with his parents. My heart goes out tonight especially to Joel’s mom, Judy. My heart is heavy for her. She and her husband, Steve, are strong but I know their hearts are breaking.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when my friend, Pat, will be coming over for a 9:00 a.m. run and then we’re going to ZouZou’s for coffee and catching up. I LOVE my vacays!!

So, tonight we are going to have hamburgers on the grill and salad. I asked Tony to pick the wine tonight and he chose this California Cabernet. Yum. It is excellent. Predominantly blackberries on the palate with licorice mingling with fruit on the finish. Nothing not to like with this wine. Absolutely scrumptious.