LeGrand Pinot Noir (2008)

Our neighbors, Brad & Michelle, brought us this wine a couple weeks ago when we had a cookout in our back yard. I chose it tonight to go with our dinner of grilled salmon. (Thank you to Jim at Merry Hill Farm, who shared with me his recipe.)

This wine is delicious and it is the perfect choice for our fish dinner. This French Pinot has a black sheep on the label because it claims it doesn’t follow the herd. Obviously not! I find this to be a softer and more succulent Pinot than I am accustomed to with a nose of violets and cherries. The  tannins are smooth and velvety with a finish of fruit and spice.

A nice way to end a beautiful summer day. I ran 10 miles and Tom worked on installing a storm/screen door. I think he had the harder job, today!


Château Greysac Médoc (2005)

It is a Thursday evening and we are relaxing after a very busy day for both of us. I chose this Château Greysac Médoc 2005 from our dwindling supply. . .the bad news is that our supply is dwindling. . .the good news is that we always save the best for last so the wines that are left are the more expensive wines. And what am I to do? Of course I have to open an expensive bottle of wine!

This wine is wonderful.  As soon as I opened it, I knew we were in for a treat. There is a combination of cloves and blackberries on the nose. The taste is full of cherries and the texture is creamy. A very charming and drinkable wine!

I purchased this wine at A&L Wine Castle in Ann Arbor. Regularly it cost $23.99 and I bought it on sale for $15.99. Worth every penny. . .Cheers!

Tom: A delicious, big red. Blackberries, some spice, and a bit of sweetness. Surprisingly big fruit in the nose. A very nice wine, and a bit upscale for us…

Domaine Lalande Pinot Noir (2008)

What a lovely day! I am off work this week and I had a fun day. . .getting my hair cut and doing a little shopping. My big purchase was two skeins of yard and two crochet needles and a beginner crochet book. I have wanted to learn to crochet; I used to knit and always enjoyed it. So, this afternoon I read through the first part of the book and practiced the stitches. Such fun! Very, very relaxing. . .

So, tonight I have chicken in the oven along with a yam and an apple crisp. I also have cauliflower ready to steam. I haven’t decided whether I should also make a salad. . .So, Tom chose this French Pinot Noir for me. I had already poured him a glass of a Cabernet from last night, which finished the bottle.  I like this Pinot very much. This is a light bodied and delicate wine, yet the flavor is complex with fruit and spices. The finish is peppery and dry.

This is a keeper.

Tomorrow morning I am going to drive to my friend’s (who lives an hour away) and we are going to go for a long run. . .after that, we will go out for coffee. . .and then I’ll come home, shower and practice my crochet. Ahhh, life is fun when I am on vacation!

Château les Tuileries Bordeaux (2008)

It is nearly Christmas. We are celebrating tonight because today was my last day of work until after the new year (okay, when don’t we celebrate?). I have a fresh chicken roasting in the oven. Trigger is cuddling on the chair with me. Tom is expostulating  his theories, which is fascinating to me. . .he always has intelligent and thoughtful theories on life.

I like this Château les Tuileries Bordeaux 2008 very much. The nose is earthy with some cranberries. The taste is a good balance of fruit and oak with husky tannins.

I purchased this wine from a mail offer that I received — 12 bottles of specially selected reds — and this is a keeper.

Tom: This Château les Tuileries Bordeaux 2008 comes across as very young, but is still very pleasant. It’s surprisingly light-bodied and quite soft, not the stereotype of the big bold Bordeaux at all. But it’s got a nice dark-fruit taste and a good dryness. Very drinkable. A nice choice for tonight.

Chateau Les Tuileries (2008)

We are having some extreme weather tonight in Michigan. The wind is steady at 40 mph with gusts up to 60 (if the weather reports are accurate, and by the sounds outside, I believe it). I had to really grasp the steering wheel on my drive home tonight from work. My car was getting blown around. Also, the temperature is in the 20’s but the wind chill is below zero. So, winter has arrived with a vengeance. I am so grateful to be home and out of weather. I can’t imagine what a homeless person does on a night like tonight.

So, it is Wednesday night and we are glad to be home with power. I imagine there are many people who have lost power by now. I have a casserole in the oven. This casserole is a new recipe I am trying with ground beef, noodles, mushrooms, onions, cottage cheese & sour cream, broth (the noodles were added without being cooked, hence the broth to make sure the noodles get cooked to “tender perfection”). . .a  comforting and filling dinner, I hope, for a very cold night.  I am also baking an acorn squash and I am going to make a green salad.

Oh dear. I hear sirens. How many mothers out there cringe when they hear a siren? I still do. . .I always think about my two sons and wonder where they are and if they are safe.

Getting back to the purpose of this blog entry — the wine. It’s good. It’s earthy and fruity (but emphasis on the earthy).This is exactly what I would expect from a French Bordeaux blend.No complaints here!

Domaine D’Aubaret Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

It is a bitter cold Monday night in Michigan. We are hoping this is one of the last cold spells . . .but that may be wishful thinking.

I had to work late tonight so we are having leftover pasta for dinner. I am also making a salad and a vegetable. I chose this wine because I liked it very much the last time we had it. And, chances are good that my tasting notes tonight will be similar. Let’s see. . .well, let’s start with the nose;  spicy. The color? A deep, dark red. The taste has notes of cranberries and plums with cedar on the finish. Crisp tannins.


Château Portal Minervois (2006)

chateau-portal-minervois-2006It is a Monday evening and we are relaxing before dinner with a glass of wine, the newspaper and a glass of this Château Portal Minervois 2006 from France. It is very cold in Michigan tonight and we are under another winter snow advisory with snow expected starting tonight and through tomorrow (along with wind). I fly to a conference in DC tomorrow so I hope the wind doesn’t make for a bumpy ride.

This Château Portal Minervois 2006 wine is from a wine club; I think 4 Seasons Wine. The nose is a combination of geraniums and licorice. The taste is cigar box and vanilla. The finish is long and spicy. A very delicious selection for a Monday night. We are having leftover chili, the remains of our whole-wheat bread from last night, and a wedge of cheddar cheese.