Chalone Vineyard Estate Grown Syrah (2008)

We are in the middle of our heat wave like the rest of the country. I worked all day in air conditioned comfort so I can’t say I suffered except for when I had to get into my car that was parked in a sunny parking lot. Even so, pretty mild compared to what some people are going through who do not have air conditioning.

We enjoyed a relaxing cocktail hour (more like two) and read the newspapers (tonight we get two of them). For dinner, I made a casserole with leftover chicken. I chose this California Chalone Vineyard Syrah 2008 that I have been saving for quite awhile. We had it before and really enjoyed it. It’s very good. Quite simply, it is juicy fruity with minerals and oak. Delicious.

Also, here’s a shot of us tasting wine at the Saddlehorn Winery in Burton, Texas, during our recent family get-t0gether. They grow Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish grapes. (This photo captures the extremely rare event of Melody drinking white wine…)

The Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

It is Tuesday night and we have had such a fun cocktail hour. I had a lot of news to share from my work day (and Tom is a wonderful listener) and Trigger just soaks it all up — happy to be part of the group.

So, we started with an icy-cold martini (up) and have graduated to a glass of this The Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from the Alexander Valley in California. This wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and aged in American Oak.

The result is big-tasting red wine. The predominant aroma and flavor is vanilla followed by dark fruit and buttery toast.

For dinner, I am reheating some leftover chicken which I will serve with some freshly baked potatoes and a salad. Tom offered to get pizza tonight (because I had a big day) but this dinner sounded tastier and is also very easy to prepare. Cheers!

Tom: Nice dark fruit, medium/big body, dry and tannic, with a bit vanilla/caramel. Very drinkable. A very fun cocktail hour…

Il Papavero Vino Da Tavola Rosso

We chose this Italian table wine for our Monday night cocktail hour. We have been holding onto this wine for quite awhile. . .we had 3-4 bottles of it and this is our last one. We like this very much. This wine has dark, ripe fruit with some spice.  A velvety finish makes for a luscious work-week quaff.

For dinner, I put chicken legs and thighs in saltwater brine. Then, I dredged the brined chicken in a mixture of eggs and poupon mustard. Then, I tossed in a crumby mixture of bread crumbs, falafel mix and spices. Then, the chicken went into a very hot oven to get crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. I also am baking a couple of yams.