Corral del Sol Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

corral-del-sol-cabernet-sauvignon-2007This Chilean Corral del Sol Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 is our pick for this Friday evening. It is cold and dark, but I have a pot of soup on the stove and a loaf of bread in the oven, and an afghan (and Trigger) on my lap so we are warm, cozy, and happy.

I was very pleased to taste this wine and discover that it is a real treasure from Chile.  On the nose is spicy fruit and leather. On the palate is a smooth combination of cherries, vanilla, and pine.  The finish is dry with a hint of black tea.

A Friday night with this Chilean Cab is a great way to end the week. (To our son Tony, in case you read this, I miss you!)


Crios De Susana Balbo Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza (2006)

I purchased this wine on the recommendation of my new wine consultant from a wine club to which we belong! Nice job, Cathy!! This Crios De Susana Balbo Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from Mendoza, Argentina is fabulous. As soon as I poured the wine into my glass, I knew it was going to be wonderful. The nose is pine needles and spice. The palate shows richly-textured plum flavors with undertones of dark chocolate and some vanilla-scented oak. The silky tannins give the wine beautiful structure and an amazingly long finish.

It is Sunday evening and I have a loaf of whole-wheat bread rising on the counter and a pot of chili on the stove. I made my chili with ground beef, onions, garlic, and lots of beans, tomatoes, and spices. It smells very good.

We had an active day with quite a bit of time outside working in the yard. Tomorrow is back to work so we are relishing our evening.

If anyone wants a good wine consultant, let me know! I’ll pass along Cathy’s name and email address.

Tres Valles Curico Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

Tres Valles Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

It is Wednesday evening and I had today (and the rest of the week) off from work. I needed to get a long run in today because I am training for a half marathon and I can’t run long this weekend because I am attending a yoga retreat (my first — I have no idea what to expect). My son Tony, who is home briefly in between graduating from college and starting his summer job, rode my bike along side me today for 12 miles. It was so great to have his company. It rained, it thundered, but we just kept going and going and I got it done. Woo hoo! Tony was a great coach. He talked me through hills and rough spots and even made me do a “kick” as I was in sight of home. Thank you, Tony! You were a magnificent coach and great company. I enjoyed the chance to talk to you for two hours!

Tom chose this Tres Valles Curico Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from Chile for tonight because we are going to grill steak for dinner. I am going to make a nice salad and keep it simple tonight. The wine is perfect for a steak dinner. The color is purple and dense. There is a touch of bacon on the nose. On the palate it is full of berries and chocolate. The finish is raspberries with a nice round feel in the mouth.

I am totally loving my time off and looking forward to another free day tomorrow.