Pillastro Primitivo (2008)

Tom selected this Pillastro Primitiv0 2008 for us tonight to go with our chicken casserole dinner. (I found this recipe today by searching Google for ingredients that I had on hand, since I have not been grocery shopping in awhile.)

Sadly, this is my last day of vacation. I go back to work tomorrow. I love my job, but I also love being home! I guess that is a win/win situation, actually.

So, I have to tell a quick story for those of you who crochet. . .I have been working diligently on an afghan. This is not my first. I have made baby blankets, hats and afghans and consider myself a pretty good crochet-er. . .well, I couldn’t figure out why it took me so long to complete one row. I figured it out this afternoon. Here is the gist: The pattern has a base of 175 stitches.  Today I counted the  stitches in my current row to see if I was still at 175. I stopped counting when I got to 500! No wonder it took me so long to complete one row. Obviously, I made some HUGE mistake reading the pattern and I was increasing stitches like crazy. I think it is a lost cause and I should cut my losses. This is after three giant balls of yarn and countless hours of crocheting. I am going to chalk this up to a learning experience (and a laugh on me)!

This wine is typical Italian: somewhat musty on the nose and a strong taste of oak on the palate. The finish is vanilla and caramel. I much prefer a California Cabernet Sauvignon, but this is a fine old-world wine that offers a pleasant change from our usual.

Tubul Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (2007)

This Tubul Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2007 Chilean blend is our choice for tonight, a midweek Wednesday evening.

But first, before I describe this wine, I have to tell you about the martini we had for our cocktail hour. I usually make our martinis with a touch of olive juice from the jar, but tonight I tried a product called “Dirty Sue.” This product comes in a bottle that looks like a Worcestershire bottle. I was skeptical and wary. . .I liked our martinis just the way they were; but, I wanted to try this. So, I substituted the olive juice I normally spoon out of the olive jar with this Dirty Sue olive juice. Well, let me tell you, it is GREAT! This will probably only make sense to you if you’re a martini lover, but the deal is that — olive juice can overpower your martini and taste like, well, salty olive juice. But, Dirty Sue apparently is a high quality olive juice and what you taste is olives instead of salty brine. I used three teaspoons of the Dirty Sue in our mixture for two martinis (instead of three teaspoons from the olive jar) and it was simply delicious and it was definitely a BETTER martini with the Dirty Sue than with the normal olive juice from the jar. It gives the martini that olive taste without overpowering the gin & vermouth with a briney, salty taste. I’m sold! I would highly recommend this product. You can purchase it at: http://www.dirtysue.com

Now, on to our Chilean red wine blend, Tubul Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2007. This is good midweek quaff with lots of chocolate and fruit tastes. The finish is butter and a bit of grass. The tannins are just right — lip smacking but not overpowering.

For dinner, I have put together a casserole with brown rice, chicken and broth. It is baking in the oven for 2 hours. I also have an acorn squash in the oven. I am going to make a salad to top it off.