Stone Cellars by Beringer Cabernet Shiraz (2008)

It is a Tuesday night and we are in shorts and t-shirts, but it is getting dark and chilly at 8:15 p.m. Fall has arrived and changing from our work clothes to shorts isn’t going to change that . . . however, here we are, acting like it is still summer.

I chose this Stone Cellars by Beringer California Cabernet Shiraz 2008 for our midweek cocktail hour. It is a good value at around $5 a bottle on sale. It is fruit-forward wine that is just perfect for a Tuesday night. It isn’t complex and it isn’t begging for a special occasion. It is just easy to drink and enjoy. My brother in law would say “it drinks good.”

I am reheating a leftover chicken and rice casserole and I am sauteing asparagus. I also have some leftover whole wheat baguette. It should be a satisfying dinner

I took a picture of the wine in front of the Wall Street Journal and Trigger. . . A pretty good depiction of tonight.


Stone Cellars by Beringer California Shiraz (2008)

We’re enjoying this California Shiraz that Tom picked up at our local grocery story (2 for $11).  It has been a stormy Saturday but it has finally stopped raining. The birds are singing and the grass is much greener. The forecast calls for very hot and humid weather now that the rain has passed. I had planned on a long run this morning, but the thunder and lightening forced me to stay inside. It was actually a pleasant respite. I will run tomorrow, instead.

This Shiraz is full of fruit and spice. Although simple, this wine is easy and fun to drink. . .a cheerful everyday wine for any kind of meal or for just sipping on the patio. I have so many leftovers from this week (because I was a cooking machine all week) so I will serve this wine with leftovers from Thursday night. I had made chicken parmesan, which was delicious (in my humble opinion). Basically, I dredged boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a mixture of spicy bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, browned in hot olive oil, then transfered to a baking dish, covered with tomato sauce. . . baked covered; then, removed the cover and added some cheese and baked some more. I served this with thin spaghetti tossed with olive oil, freshly ground salt & pepper.  I am reheating that dish tonight and making a fresh salad from my garden. Cheers!