Bogle Merlot (2006)

Tom’s parents gave us this Bogle Merlot when we saw them a couple of months ago. I am not a huge fan of Merlot, but I am a huge fan of Bogle so I was curious to find out how this wine would taste. (I happen to really love Bogle Petite Syrah so, let’s see about the Merlot.) The nose is plummy. Definitely cherries on the palate with grippy tannins. The finish is soft and gentle with hints of smoke and oak.

I am cooking pork chops and potatoes tonight. (I browned the chops, then added sliced potatoes (skins on), and a chicken-broth sauce, covered and simmered.) I am also going to make a salad. This Merlot will go well with dinner.

And, finally, the good news. The temperature (which was zero this morning when I got up) is supposed to go up starting tomorrow. yippee!