Alto Medrano Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

It is an unseasonably warm September evening in Michigan. We are in shorts and t-shirts with the windows open. We have to enjoy this because we know it won’t last. I had a hectic but productive day. Now we are unwinding. I chose this wine as a good middle of the week quaff. This was on sale for $7 at A&L Wine Castle.

This Argentinian Alto Medrano Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 is chocolatey and a bit on the sweet side for our tastes. There is a caramely finish that is okay and many would love. I prefer dryer and less sweet but this is perfectly acceptable, especially for the price.

I am reheating leftover chicken-and-rice casserole, plus steamed broccoli and a salad for our dinner.

Dona Paula Los Cardos Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

I selected this Mendoza, Argentine wine for our Tuesday night cocktail hour. We are both back to work after a boisterous weekend up in Northern Michigan for my 35th high school class reunion. What a great and happy time it was to see my former classmates.This wine is superb. I purchased this wine for $11.99 at a local wine shop on the recommendation of the owner. Wow, delicious. Drink this wine and you’ll understand why people that love red wine look for wines from this region. This Dona Paula Los Cardos exhibits caramel and berries on the nose. The palate is predominantly berries with a luscious finish of coffee, chocolate and cedar.

I would not hesitate to recommend this wine; we will definitely buy this again.

Ku De Ta Malbec Argentina (2008)

Tom chose this wine and poured me a glass tonight. I was trapped in my chair because Trigger is cuddling with me. I just couldn’t get up! So, it is Wednesday night and we both had active and busy work days so our cocktail hour is particularly welcome tonight. This was a meeting-heavy day for me — and it was trying — so I was eager to come home to my cozy refuge. I threw together a weird dinner and I hope it tastes good. Here’s what I did. I had three pieces of leftover meatloaf, so I chopped it up along with some onions and browned it in a hot cast-iron skillet.  Then, to the meatloaf and onions I added tomatoes, broth, spices and some penne pasta. It is covered now and simmering. I also have some fresh spinach from the food co-op that I will saute. And, if I have the energy I will make a salad but no guarantees on that.

So, I don’t know how good dinner will be but the wine leading up to it is fantastic! This wine is from the home of the Malbec grape, Mendoza, Argentina, which is near the base of the Andes mountains. I don’t know what it is about the  Mendoza region, but they produce great wines. The flavor is robust with lots of fruit. It has a great mouthfeel with structured tannins. I like this very much. A winner!

Cupcake Malbec (2008)

It’s Saturday evening and we are enjoying this Argentine Malbec that I bought this week at The Plum Market in Ann Arbor. I also picked up some ground beef at the meat counter and I have made some super burgers (with spices, steak sauce and green onions) which we are having tonight along with a salad.

The first thing both Tom & I noticed about this wine is the nose:  Beefy. Tom is oohing and ahhing over this one. This is our kind of wine. Big. With dark chocolate and coffee notes along with sumptuous ripe fruit. Thank you, Plum Market for putting this one on sale! I am going to get more. . .

Happy news! I heard from our youngest, Tony, today, who is still in Ecuador but will returning to “Murica” on April 30. He will be making his way back to Michigan sometime in late May. We can’t wait! We will celebrate his return, for sure.