Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon (2008)

I bought this Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 at “World Market” in Ann Arbor. Lately, I have been stopping in there and picking up a dozen bottles at a time — my strategy is that about half of my dozen are on sale and pretty inexpensive while the other six bottles are not on sale but look to be very good. This averages out to be a very reasonable price per bottle.

Time and time again, I find that you get what you pay for with wine. This goes against what I often read, which is that price has nothing to do with the quality of wine, but on the basis of experience I would generally disagree with that premise. Now, granted, I am not talking about $100 vs. $10 bottles of wine. My experience has been in the $15-20 vs. the $4 – 10 bottles of wine.

I purchased this particular bottle for $9.99. Happily, this wine is an excellent value, which is consistent with many Chilean wines that we have enjoyed. We are generally very pleased with the quality of Chilean red wines and this is no exception. This is medium bodied with a pleasant mineral and cedar taste and slightly metallic finish.

We are having this wine with a black bean/tortilla/salsa casserole (I really should come up with a clever name), baked acorn squash and green salad.

Guenoc Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

Happy Sunday! It has been awhile since we have blogged but I am hoping you will see why from this picture. I had to have knee surgery this last week to repair a torn medial meniscus. This has thrown our cocktail hours into a bit of disarray. But, I feel that after three days I am on the mend and quickly resuming my lifestyle. I am still on crutches but I get around pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Because I had limited mobility this weekend, we decided it was a good opportunity to take the 4-hour drive north to visit my parents. As always, a very fun visit with these two robust lovebirds. A quick trip up on Saturday and back on Sunday and now we are relaxing in front of a dark-pink sunset and 50-degree temperature this October evening.

For dinner, I hobbled around the kitchen and put together a white-bean, chicken chili supper. I drove to our local market and purchased a whole-wheat baguette to have with our soup. This will really hit the spot because we both feel the chill tonight. I made this soup simply: I sauteed chopped onions and garlic, added cumin, salt and pepper, then added chopped, boneless, skinless chicken breast and browned everything. Then I added some green chilis, fresh-squeezed lime, chicken broth, and three cans of white beans and shoe-peg corn to simmer. It smells great.

Tom chose this wine because he wanted something big to go with our soup. The nose is rich with blackberry. The palate is musky with hints of clove and spice. The mouth feel is soft and lush with a robust finish of raisins, chocolate, and spice.

I purchased this wine for $13.99 at one of our favorite local wine shops, A & L Wine Castle. They generally don’t let me buy anything that we won’t enjoy. Nice job, A&L.

Pillar Box Red (2007)

Here we are settling in after a busy week. I was in Reno all week doing work-related business. I came home very late last night and spent today unpacking, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. It is nice to be home. It was a cool day with rain. A perfect day to be in the house.

I chose this Pillar Box Red 2007 to go with dinner. This is a cool weather dinner. The first in a long time. I bought a sirloin tip roast at the grocery store today. It is in the oven in a covered pot with onions, carrots and potatoes (with garlic tucked into crevices). It has been roasting
on low heat for about 4 hours.

This wine is from the Southeastern side of Australia. This makes us think about our son, Tony, who is in Perth. We realize Perth is on the other side of the continent, but still. . .it doesn’t take much to make us think of him!

The wine is delicious. I bought this for $14 at A & L Wine Castle in Ann Arbor. The nose is fragrant and fresh. The taste is dark chocolate and tobacco. The finish gets your attention. . .

This is going to be the perfect wine for our Saturday night beef roast.

Sledgehammer Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

We just finished the last drop of this fabulous California Cabernet Sauvignon.I chose this wine for our Tuesday night dinner of grilled pork chops, steamed brown rice and fresh sautéed spinach.

What a fabulous wine. I love it. This Cabernet is very juicy — bursting with ripe, juicy fruit and coupled with deep, dark chocolate and coffee. You can’t get much better in my book.

I bought this wine on Saturday in Ann Arbor at A & L Wine Castle. . .one of our favorite wine shops. I bought two bottles but will go back to buy more. For those of you who enjoy a new world, fruity yet dry wine, this is for you.

Cupcake Malbec (2008)

It’s Saturday evening and we are enjoying this Argentine Malbec that I bought this week at The Plum Market in Ann Arbor. I also picked up some ground beef at the meat counter and I have made some super burgers (with spices, steak sauce and green onions) which we are having tonight along with a salad.

The first thing both Tom & I noticed about this wine is the nose:  Beefy. Tom is oohing and ahhing over this one. This is our kind of wine. Big. With dark chocolate and coffee notes along with sumptuous ripe fruit. Thank you, Plum Market for putting this one on sale! I am going to get more. . .

Happy news! I heard from our youngest, Tony, today, who is still in Ecuador but will returning to “Murica” on April 30. He will be making his way back to Michigan sometime in late May. We can’t wait! We will celebrate his return, for sure.

Château Greysac Médoc (2005)

It is a Thursday evening and we are relaxing after a very busy day for both of us. I chose this Château Greysac Médoc 2005 from our dwindling supply. . .the bad news is that our supply is dwindling. . .the good news is that we always save the best for last so the wines that are left are the more expensive wines. And what am I to do? Of course I have to open an expensive bottle of wine!

This wine is wonderful.  As soon as I opened it, I knew we were in for a treat. There is a combination of cloves and blackberries on the nose. The taste is full of cherries and the texture is creamy. A very charming and drinkable wine!

I purchased this wine at A&L Wine Castle in Ann Arbor. Regularly it cost $23.99 and I bought it on sale for $15.99. Worth every penny. . .Cheers!

Tom: A delicious, big red. Blackberries, some spice, and a bit of sweetness. Surprisingly big fruit in the nose. A very nice wine, and a bit upscale for us…

Rosemount Estate Shiraz Cabernet (2004)

I found this large, 1.5 Liter bottle of the Australian blend of Shiraz and Cabernet at the 50% off table at the Ann Arbor Kroger’s store (I loaded my cart with all the good reds and this was one of them). This is your typical Australian fruit bomb — a round feel in the mouth and the palate bursting with fruit and subtle tannins. There is nothing to complain about unless you prefer a more austere wine. And, what a deal! This large bottle was $21.79 and half priced at around $10.50.  I have had a roast cooking slowly all day, which I will serve on buttered noodles with a vegetable and a salad. This wine will complement our dinner nicely.