Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon (2008)

Happy Valentines day!

We are having this Cupcake wine for our cupcake of a day! I came home from work today and found a dozen red roses waiting for me and a romantic card. How lucky am I? Very, very. . .

We had opened this wine last night so we finished it tonight. This is an adequate Cabernet, full of fruit (good) but slightly syrupy on the finish (not good). Aside from the finish, however, this is a pleasant quaff for a Monday night.

I stopped at the Plum Market on the way home and bought a slab of salmon which I baked in the oven with a horseradish/mustard/breadcrumbs/butter topping. We had it with a baked potato. Simple, but delicious. I have some homemade apple crisp waiting for dessert.