Ginestière Coteaux du Languedoc (2005)

Ginestiere Coteaux du Languedoc 2005It is TGIF night at the Werner household. We have both had a demanding week with several late nights and early mornings. So, here we are, a blessed Friday evening, with dinner simmering on the stove and Trigger relaxing in Tom’s lap.

Tonight, we are having this Ginestière Coteaux dur Languedoc 2005, a wonderful French blend of Syrah and Grenache. This is a full-bodied red with a nose of ginger and spice. On the palate are lots of fruit and firm tannins. The finish is rich with caramel and thyme.

For dinner we are having a soup that I made on the weekend — it’s a tasty vegetable soup — along with whole-wheat bread and white cheddar cheese. Cheers!