Ramsden Estate Reserve

I am tapping out this blog on my phone so it will be short. We like this wine because it is complex with mellow flavors and smooth feel. For dinner I brined then roasted a chicken. I made mashed potatoes with gravy from the drippings. Savory and filling after a good run today.


Ramsden Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa

We are home from a wonderful Christmas with Tom’s family. We drove 10 1/2 hours today through pouring rain, wind and then snow so we are very happy to be safely at home. We ordered pizza and opened this special bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet. Earlier this month, during a weak moment, I said “okay” to a sales pitch to upgrade our wine club membership to a reserve level and this is our first bottle from that selection. Although I was kicking myself for saying yes, I now see it was a good decision. This is a fine wine. Structured tannins and rich flavor. Very smooth and rich.

Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon


It is Monday of Thanksgiving week and we are enjoying a spicy bowl of chili with whole grain bread and some white cheddar cheese. It really warms us up. Tom chose this California Cabernet Sauvignon for our chili dinner, which I happily thought to be a bit extravagant for a Monday night (but did not complain). I like extravagance! This is a very nice Cab in a beautiful bottle, decorated with a Platinum palm leaf. This would make a good gift wine to give as a housewarming gift or to give to the host when you are invited to someone’s house for dinner because it is a good wine with a very attractive presentation. The wine is deep purple in the glass, light to medium bodied, a taste of blackberries with a tobacco finish. This is a nice, smoky wine that held up very well with my spicy chili.

R Collection by Raymond Lot No. 7 Field Blend 2000

We’re having steak stir fry with this nice, dry red blend. Very pleasant with a red fruit, cherry taste.
Eastern Michigan lost a close football game today but they played hard and lost in the last seconds.

Wente Cabernet (2009)

We are having a late supper tonight at our local favorite restaurant “The Common Grill.” The wine is spicy with flavors of cherries and red berries. The Chef chose a great wine to complement our smoked chicken and pancetta capellini pasta with plum tomato sauce, calabrese peppers and fresh basil.


House Cabernet Sauvignon (House)

I am out of town and found this quaint restaurant downtown. The decor and ambiance are nice and this house wine is good. The bartender tells me it is a Lohr from California. I just asked to see the bottle. It is called Cypress and is from the Central Coast. Simple but very drinkable. My meal is disappointing but I will make do. I can’t wait to get home tomorrow. 20111028-202829.jpg

Ramsden Estate Napa Valley Reserve Merlot 2010

Melody is on the road again, so I rooted around for a weekday wine. I found this Ramsden Estate Merlot 2010.
It’s fairly tannic, has a red fruit cherry taste, and a touch of pepper and a touch of sweetness.
No cooking tonight: reheated pizza and the World Series.