Tom and Melody

Tom and Melody in 2005Tom and Melody in 2000We live in Chelsea, in southeastern Michigan, along the Pioneer Wine Trail. Several good Michigan wineries are nearby, including Lone Oak Vineyard Estate, Pentamere Winery, Sandhill Crane Vineyards, and Cherry Creek Cellars.

We’ve also enjoyed wines at wineries up north around Traverse City, Michigan, such as Shady Lane Cellars and Chateau de Leelanlau.

Melody and Tom at EMU Dec 2007We became interested in red wine several years ago when we were dating. Our first reds were on the modest side (Avia from Slovenia was a common one) and we’ve gradually refined and expanded our tastes. We’ve also been avid students — reading, tasting and learning as we go.

We started keeping handwritten notes about the wines we tried and then realized that a blog, with searchable, taggable entries, would be more practical.

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  1. Tony Reifel Says:

    Wow, you two have really got this blogging thing down. The site looks so nice. I enjoy reading what you have to say when I get a free minute. I miss you two both, and can’t wait to see you!!

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Tony, We miss you, too. We love you so much and can’t wait to see you! Love, Mom

  3. Richard Nantel Says:

    What a great Blog. Thanks for providing wine lovers with this excellent resource.

    All the best,

  4. Tom & Melody Says:


    Thank you very much! I hope it will be useful!


  5. Dawn King Says:

    So…where were you guys when I needed to figure out a wine to take to my book club!! Nice job!

  6. Tom & Melody Says:

    Thanks, Dawn! We have found that a spicy Shiraz compliments historical novels while a more subdued Merlot is best for a good mystery. 😉

  7. Delight Fagan Says:

    I am enjoying reading and watching real connoiseurs of wine. It is like watching a symphony. Melody and Tom are fun to watch and to hear about the wines they have tasted. Proud mommy.

  8. Tom & Melody Says:

    Awww, thanks, Mom! . . .Proud daughter

  9. Brandon Hall Says:

    Tom and Melody,
    What a terrific blog. Great info, plus a really nice design!
    And you both look so happy.

  10. Leena Karsan Says:

    The site is really easy to search through and I never realized how much there is to wine! I wanted to say thanks for a lovely dinner the other night! I was pretty pumped to see the picture of Tones and I up on your site 🙂

  11. Pedro Rafael Barata Says:


    Congratulations for your blog!

    Do you want to make a swap of links between our blogs?

    My wine blog is portuguese:

    name: Os Vinhos


  12. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Pedro! I really enjoying looking at your blog. There are certainly a wealth of interesting wines listed. We think it is a great idea to swap links of our blogs! We’ll put your link on our blog sometime this week. Thank you for contacting us! Stay in touch.

    Tom & Melody

  13. Joel Says:

    Tom & Melody,

    Great site that I happened upon while checking Michigan wine links for my MichWine site ( We’re almost neighbors…

    Would obviously like to see you taste and write about more Michigan wines — there are some fabulous 2005 vintage reds currently available.


  14. Tom & Melody Says:

    Joel — thank you so much for your comment. We are very interested in tasting more Michigan wines. As you can probably tell, we are partial to reds. I am going to your site now. Thanks, again!

  15. Tommy Says:

    Hey you two, nice job on the website! I’m going to have to agree with grandma, it is like watching a symphony! You really sound like credible wine connoisseurs. You’ll have to give me a lesson (or a few) once I get back into town. Love you both! Happy father’s day Tom!

  16. Tom & Melody Says:

    Tommy, you made my day. We love you and are very excited for you to be back on this side of the state! Wine lessons available at a moment’s notice! Love, Mom

  17. Tom & Melody Says:

    Tommy, thanks! We’re learning all the time. (I’m not sure when we get to consider ourselves ‘connoisseurs’…) Thanks for the Father’ Day greeting! I’m very lucky to have you and Tony as sons. Love you, Tom.

  18. carol ann Says:

    Tom and Melody…….Buck and I are good friends with Bob and Pat and they put us onto your site. I enjoy it very much. Have you tried Layer Cake Shiraz. Must be somewhere around 13 bucks but I can’t find it here. I called the distributor and they said it is goin like wildfire and may not have another shipment till the fall. Shiraz’s are my fave but Buck sticks with his Amberbock. No class tat tall. B and P are planning on coming to visit us in Indiana in August. Bet they are looking for an easy way out of that…….we don’t have air conditioning. We have a wonderful Ribberfest in our little town of 15,000. Draws more than 30,000 over the weekend. It’s blues, barbeque and balloons (hot air). We’re right on the Ohio River and the festival is held on the banks in the park. We love our little town of Madison. Wanna come down and join us. Carol Ann

  19. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Carol & Buck! So nice of you to leave a comment on our blog! We’ve heard so much about you from Pat & Bob; I’ll bet they are really looking forward to seeing you again, even if you don’t have air! I have not heard of Layer Cake Shiraz. It sounds intriguing and I will definitely watch for it. Ribberfest sounds like a blast. We may have to check out Madison, Indiana! Thanks again!

  20. Christopher Chan Says:

    Please check out the Results of the 2007 Seattle Wine Awards. Would appreciate your comments. Thank you!


  21. Tom & Melody Says:

    Christopher — Will do! Thank you for your suggestion!

  22. Peter Says:

    Greetings from Sydney, Australia. Enjoying your blog, invariably with a glass of red. Keep it up. I’ve been drinking some French wine after reading “Families of the Vine” by Michael Sanders. I can recommend it as an accessible “here’s how they do it” on French wine in general and the wine of Cahors in particular. Look forward to ongoing contact. Thanks.

  23. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Peter! Thank you so much for your post. We have enjoyed learning about Australia as we have tasted and enjoyed so many Australian wines. I am going to find the book you have recommended. I always enjoy a good, instructive wine book and there is so much to learn. Have you read “How to Taste” by Jancis Robinson? I have found her book to be a good instruction on how to begin to distinguish the tastes and smells in wines — and then put names to those sensations. (Tom bought me the book for Christmas.) Tell me, what are your favorite reds these days?
    Thanks again for writing, Peter! Melody

  24. Peter Says:

    Tom and Melody, thanks for the invitation to tell you about my favourite red wines. Invariably it’s the one I am drinking and that’s not such a daft answer because, like you I think, I love to try something different and be surprised, delighted and seldom hugely disappointed. I love the Cabs – right now drinking a South Australian Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cab Sav 2005, smell the oak, taste the blackcurrants! Last night it was an Italian Zonin Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Terre Palladiane – bit of a quaffer and fine with a pizza. Found your website after a search for a Beau-Rivage Bordeaux – I don’t mind the lower alcohol level (12%), many Australians are up to 14% perhaps too much sunshine. And can I mention Pinotage – another time perhaps.

  25. Leena Says:

    Hi Melody and Tom! I just took a glance at your blog it seems as though you had a wonderful fourth of July. It was really weird not being in the states for fireworks this year! I might still be going to Paris…I’ll make sure to have loads of wine 🙂

    Take care and hopefully I’ll see you before I move to SC!

  26. Carlo Says:

    Hey guys! What a nice surprise! As a Native Michigander, now living in Lodi, California, I just wanted to say hello! I grew up in Detroit, (Yes! Detroit Public Schools rock!) and moved here 12 years ago. I don’t know how to describe Lodi, but think of it as one vineyard after another after another after another. There are some Great Wineries here: Jewel being one of them. I’m sure you can get Jewel Wines in Michigan, but if you want some great wines for less than $10.00, you should check out their Viognier or Un Oaked Chard! Amazing. Anyway, I’ll be back for the Wine Fest in Leelanau because I do love those Reislings! Take care! Thanks for the Blog!

  27. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Carlo! It’s great to get your post! Lodi sounds quite wonderful; we look forward to a time when we can travel together to northern California and explore the wineries. I looked on the map and see you really are in wine country! What made you move from Michigan to California?

    We will keep our eyes open for Jewel wine. I will be watching for it.

    Have a great time in Leelanau when you go. Isn’t that just one of the most beautiful spots in the world?

    Thank you again for the cheerful note!

  28. Cheryl and Mike Says:

    Mike is the wine expert (self taught) in our family and he does a great job choosing just the right wine for whatever we’re having for our meal. He usually prefers Napa Valley vineyards, but we will be happy to try Michigan wines next time we visit! I don’t think there were any Michigan vineyards when I lived there! There certainly is more interest in wine everywhere now! I love it!
    Keep up the good work! (Isn’t research fun?) It is great to see all four of your smiling faces!
    Love, Cheryl

  29. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Cheryl! I am so thrilled to hear from you! It’s great to know there is a real wine expert in the family! Have you done any of the wine tours?

    Next time you visit, we’ll have you over for a Michigan wine tasting, okay?

    Thank you, Cheryl!


  30. Cheryl and Mike Says:

    Hi Melody!
    Mike wants me to immediately clear up any misconceptions i may have given you. He is far from being an expert he says. Since I only know there are 2 distinctly different wines (red and white and sometimes pink) to me he is very good. It will be fun to visit you guys and try some wines with you.
    We have visited some vineyards in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. It has been quite a while. We’ll have to do that again. It was really fun–especially the ones that offered specialties from the local chefs to go with the wine.
    Take care.

  31. Sorin Mihailovici Says:

    Dear Tom and Melody
    My name is Sorin Mihailovici and I live in Edmonton, Canada. I have been working in a major liquor store here for the last five years and I could say I am a big wine enthusiast! I just came across your blog and I am glad I found it. It seems like you put a lot of work into it.
    While working in my liquor store, I also decided to go to school – I am taking TV productions at one of the most prestigious colleges in Western Canada, Grant MacEwan College.
    Trying to mix my two passions I have created a couple of short movies – one is a minute and a half long, the other one 59 sec. The fist one is called “Remove red wine stains with white wine!” and the other one is “Open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew”. Although they are short I put several hours of work into them.
    If you have a couple of free minutes please take a look at them. If you like them maybe you could post them on your blog up for a discussion, I would really like to know people’s opinion. (underneath every movie there is the embed code -copy and paste it on your blog so people could just click on it…)
    If you don’t like them I apologize for taking you the time to read my message.
    Regardless of your answer – thank you and I will see you on this blog!
    There are my movies:

    Thank you,

  32. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Sorin,

    What a treat to get your nice note and to watch the video clips. They were great! I certainly learned something new – thank you! We will gladly post the links to your videos and I’m sure they will be appreciated by other wine lovers.

    You live in a beautiful area of Canada; one that we hope to visit someday. Have you always lived in that area?

    Stay in touch and let us know how your TV production education is going.

    Thank you again for writing!


  33. Tom & Melody Says:

    We just posted your How to Remove Wine Stains video (and we’ll post the Open a Bottle of Wine video tonight).

    WordPress doesn’t support Metacafe in terms of allowing a Metacafe video player directly in the blog, but a simple link works fine.

    Thanks for sending the videos!


  34. Leena Says:

    Hey Tom & Melody,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am starting meet new people here in South Carolina. Quite a few of them enjoy wine and I have shared your website with them 🙂 They were super pumped to have a place to go and get tips on their wine selection process. Hope all is well!


  35. Leena Says:

    OPhh I forgot to tell you! My uncle back in England said when he was in Canada, he had ice wine. He said that he absolutely loved it! So I was doing some research and it seems pretty interesting. Here is a website with some different types but if you google it, you can find more information! Here is the site:


  36. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Leena! I am happy (but not at all surprised) that you are making friends and settling in at school. We sure do miss you here — in Chelsea and at EMU. Eastern won’t be the same! I’ll miss running into you at 7:50 a.m. trudging up to the 3rd floor of Pierce Hall. Thank you for sharing our blog with your friends. I hope they will share their comments! I am super excited for Monday night, as you can imagine!

  37. Michael Gorman Says:

    Your son served us at North Point in Dexter Saturday. We were having a Covey Run Gewurtztraminer from Washington State and he mentioned your interest in wines and your blog; I see that we are not so distant in Pinckney, MI.
    We have an abiding interest in wine, trending toward rather thuggish reds, but with a roving palate for anything interesting, especially if it complements a particular meal exquisitely.
    Perhaps we’ll meet some day.

  38. Leena Says:

    Hi Melody!

    I thought I would let you know that Ramona Meraz is here visiting this weekend, and we catching up on our lives and having some lovely wine! It’s carbernet sauvigon Bohemian Highway. It was delicious! I hope all is well.

    Tell Tom I said hello, & Trigger a big hug for me!

    Take care,

  39. Tom & Melody Says:

    How wonderful! You must be thrilled to be spending time with Ramona. I am counting down the days until Homecoming. We can’t wait to see you. You are missed!
    (Trigger & Tom just got your hug.)

  40. Sharon Kegerreis Says:

    Hi Tom & Melody:

    Vicki Voisin (of Charlevoix) encouraged me to contact you. Don Voisin and my father are former business partners (my dad retired several years ago).

    First, I’m excited to learn of your blog. I enjoy your reviews of Michigan wines, in particular. I plan to spend more time reading about your other favorite wines.

    I live in Chelsea as well. Vicki said I had to invite you to my book signing at Cranesbill Books tomorrow, October 18. I co-authored a new book, From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries. If you are able to stop by, I’d love to meet you both. Cranesbill is offering some Michigan wines for tasting during the signing. I think you’ll enjoy this aspect of the evening! 🙂


  41. Tom & Melody Says:

    Sharon — This is great news! We would love to meet you, too. We’ll do our best to attend the book signing.
    I am eager to learn more about you and more about the book. I will certainly tell Vicki how much I appreciate her introducing us!

    Cheers. . .

  42. Leena Says:

    Melody and Tom,

    I absolutely loved seeing you, Tommy and Tony this weekend! Thank you for spending you Sunday afternoon with me! I really enjoyed my time in Chelsea. By chance can you send me the pictures you took? Hope to see you soon.

    Take care,

  43. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Leena, It was such a great weekend and we can’t wait for your next visit. Tom will be posting those pictures soon and I will also ask him to send them to you. Did you get any good pictures of you with your crown?

  44. The Form Guy Says:

    I can’t wait to see what you brought back from Lafayette. You’ll need to do dome serious wine tasting this weekend.

  45. Tom & Melody Says:

    Haha, hmmmm, I wonder who the Form Guy could be?
    I hope your celebratory evening with Karen is spectacular tonight! Congratulations on being honored.

  46. Leena Says:

    Hi Tom & Melody,

    I was thinking of the two of you last night when I went to a wine and dine party with the other girls in the HESA program. The ladies had their apartment all decorated for the holiday and had plenty of red and white wines for us to try. It was a wonderful way to spend my saturday night!

    I hope all is well 🙂

    Take care,


  47. Tom & Melody Says:

    Leena, Sounds like a very nice party! Did you like any wine in particular? It is a damp and cold Michigan day here. I hope it is sunnier in South Carolina!

  48. Richard Whitehead Says:

    I’m by no means a connoisseur, but I joined a wine club and I’m getting a few bottles by mail. When I really like a wine, I might search to see where the name pops up, and sure enough, you guys like it too. So congratulations on sharing my taste, lol.
    Nice blog. I know it isn’t as easy as it looks.

  49. Tom & Melody Says:

    Richard – We appreciate your note very much. Was there a particular wine that you recently tasted? We’d love to hear about it! It’s always fun to share tasting notes. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Tom & Melody

  50. Leena Says:

    Hi Melody & Tom,

    I just had some friends over after a lovely staff holiday dinner and we had a wonderful wine. It was Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Washington State). I really think you lot might like it! Hope all is well. Take care!

  51. Stuart Strange Says:

    I just had a delicious red wine: Terra Australis 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz. I have over 100 reds and I didnt remember where I purchased this wine or what I paid, so I did a google search and your blog was the first thing that popped up. I’ll spend some more time exploring some of the reds on your blog (though doubtful, I will try any from Michigan). Best regards,

    Stuart Strange
    (Alexandria, Va)

  52. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Stuart, Thank you for the note! It’s great to hear from you. What do you mean that you have over 100 reds. Do you have a cellar? Would love to hear more from you!

  53. crawdaddy52 Says:

    Enjoyed looking at your blog very much. I’m in North Carolina and this state is ranked 10th now for wine production. A lot of it is in the Yadkin River Valley which is about 15 miles from my house. The federal government approved the Yadkin Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA), effective February 7, 2003. Here’s a link, come see us sometime:

  54. Tom & Melody Says:

    We had no idea that North Carolina was a wine haven! How fascinating. We will be in North Carolina this coming summer for a family reunion so we are going to study this Yadkin Valley area and definitely take you up on your offer. Thanks for writing, crawdaddy!

  55. WineDragon Says:

    Hi Tom and Melody!

    Great wine blog site…hope to emulate it….
    Unfortunately Singapore is too small a country and not of the right climate for wines. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the nectar of the gods and the essence of sunbeams i.e. wine ! Cheers and enjoy!

  56. Leena Karsan Says:

    Hey Tom and Melody,

    I just got home from my first wine tasting in Columbia with my good friend Kate. We tried six different wines from Azura Pinot Gris to a lovely Matchbook Blockhouse Red Blend. We had so much fun that we are planning to go back! It was a fun and inexpensive ($5) adventure!

    Leena & Kate

  57. Tom & Melody Says:

    Woo Hoo! Wow, that sounds spectacular, Leena & Kate! Which was your favorite? Tom & I (and Trigger) are taking a deep breath and enjoying a Friday night after a long week. We are having a Shiraz from South Africa (with leftover chili and fresh-baked bread). So good to hear from you, Leena! Love you!

  58. Kaitlin Oyler Says:

    Hi Tom and Melody!

    I’m Leena’s wine prodigy : ) I’m trying my hardest to get into wine and Leena has been a great teacher so far. She always speaks so highly of your blog so I just had to check it out myself. So far whites are my favorites, but I’m slowly opening up to reds. Question for you, what is the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? I’m lost with all the terms!

  59. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Kaitlin, Thank you for visiting our blog. It is great you are accompanying Leena on her wine expeditions. As you begin tasting wines, think more about “what is interesting about this wine?” rather than, “do I like the taste of this wine?” I think that will help you learn to appreciate and enjoy a wide variety of fascinating wines. To answer your question about Pinots, it is the same grape with two names – Pinot Gris is French for ‘Gray Pinot’ and Pinot Grigio is the Italian name. However, although it is the same grape, they are different wines. Pinot Gris is a robust, full-flavoured wine with a higher alcohol level than grigio (and consequently more body). Pinot Grigio is a minerally, dry wine that has a subtle nose with light pear and green apple fruit with a clean, lip-smacking finish.
    See if you can taste any of these descriptions the next time you try one of those wine — and please let me know what you think! It was so nice to meet a friend of Leena’s!

  60. rickro Says:

    I had no idea there are wineries in Michigan. I must live a sheltered life here in the Napa Valley Region (about 45 minutes) from my home. I enjoy South Australian Shiraz, Super Tuscans, and Big California Reds though I’m game for anything. I bet I’ll enjoy your Blog. Thanks!

  61. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Rickro! We can’t help but feel a bit envious of your accessibility to the Napa Valley! Do you visit the area often? Your wine taste pretty much matches ours. . .we have also become very fond of Malbecs from Argentina.
    It’s great to hear from you and we welcome your comments!
    Tom & Melody

  62. Chris K Says:

    Tom & Melody: This blog is great. It is so personable and real. Much better than any stuffy wine magazine review. I have been looking for a sight like this for awhile and am so glad you guys have wine palates that compliment what I like. I hope you don’t mind a random wine fan from Connecticut commenting! I have a great recomendation that I don’t see on your blog….Ravenswood Shiraz from Australia. They usually go for around $9-$11 a bottle. A great buy if you can get it and a staple I keep around.

  63. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Chris! This may be the nicest comment we have ever received. Thank you so much. It’s great to meet (cyberly) someone who has the same tastes in wine. I do hope you will comment frequently!
    As for your Ravenswood Shiraz, I am certain we have had this wine, but we have not blogged about it. I will put it on our list to purchase again, on the basis of your recommendation.

  64. Leena Says:

    Hi Tom and Melody,

    I hope all is well up in the mitten state. Things are great down here in the south. I went to Charleston last weekend, if you have never been I definitely recommend it! It is a beautiful and historical place. Myself along with Kate and Steph have been going to wine tasting each Friday. Yesterday was my 7th week! So fun and exciting! I’ve learned that I definitely enjoy bold flavorful reds over most whites.

    Miss you guys!


  65. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Leena! It’s always great to hear from you. I am impressed that you are a regular wine taster these days – wow! Isn’t it interesting how the bold reds have become your favorite? When will you be coming back to Michigan for a visit? We are saving our corks for you!

  66. Tim Says:

    Good evening Tom & Melody,

    I found another one I truly believe you will enjoy from 4 Seasons. It’s in the Feb08 member offer. The 2006 Ramshead Ridge Syrah (CA) is very reminesent of the Agustino Carmenere. A spicy bramble and dark plum notes that elevate to smoky tobacco and toasted oak aromas.

    Another on my list of must haves.

  67. Tom & Melody Says:

    Oh boy! That sounds wonderful. Interestingly, I don’t think we received that particular wine — so, was it a wine you ordered from the brochure that accompanied the wine shipment? Or did you get it as part of your wine club shipment?

  68. Tim Says:

    It was a seperate mailing with several offers from 4SW.

  69. Tim Says:

    Good evening guys. Did you by chance get the latest mailing? Go to or apr08. I’ve ordered the Big Reds mixed and Pinot Noir. I’m really looking forward to giving these a try.

  70. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hey Tim! How cool! Let us know what you think. I actually got a call from our new wine consultant who convinced me to purchase a case of South American wines (three of each) and a half a case of a French Bordeaux. They both arrived last night and we are eager to taste them. Stay tuned for our comments and please tell us about yours when you have had the chance to taste them!

  71. Todd Says:

    I came across your blog when FoodBuzz sent me your compliance report by mistake. I’m very impressed. I’ve added a link from our blog ( and the Weekly Compass section of Take care.

  72. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Todd. This is very flattering; thank you so much. I am eager to see your blog and will do so right away. That is so strange about the compliance report. I wonder how that happened?
    Nonetheless, it is so great that you checked out our blog and took the time to comment. Thanks very much.

  73. Leena Says:

    Hey you two! I hope all is well. I just thought I would share that my girlfriends and I bought a bottle of wine from the pub/bistro downstairs, and it was amazing! It was the house red, a Shiraz great price for our budget. It went great with our pasta and veggie burgers. Sydney has been amazing so far. I can’t wait to travel out of the city and explore the rest of the country. Take care 🙂

  74. Tim Says:

    My collection of wines is growing faster than my consumption (as it should I guess), do you are any of your readers any a suggestion for a cooling/storage cabinet? I’m looking at getting one to hold up to 200/300 for a reasonable price. I found a Vinotemp @ Home Depot that appears to be reasonable, but I haven’t found any reviews on it and it isn’t Energy Star compliant.

  75. Jeff Boswell Says:

    You might wish to do a bit of research on your statement that ” The Primitivo grape is known as Zinfandel here in the U.S. “. Primitivo and zin have a common ancestor but they aren’t the same grape.

    Nice blog!

  76. Tom & Melody Says:

    Jeff, Thank you for this good information. We’ll check it out; thanks so much!

  77. Leena Says:

    Hi Melody and Tom! I hope all is well. I thought of you two the other night at a girls night in of wine tasting! Each girl brought a bottle of wine and appetizer. It was a great way to spend our Saturday night. I hope things are going well with you two!

  78. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Leena! I thought of you yesterday when i was walking around campus seeing all the new students finding their way around. The O-Team can’t be the same without you!

    Hey, what kind of wine did you bring to your wine tasting?

  79. Selena Says:

    What is Tony doing in South Korea?

  80. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Selena, Tony is teaching English. He just started this week. Are you in South Korea, by chance?

  81. Selena Says:

    No, I am not in South Korea. I live in Ann Arbor. I meet your son at EMU . I was just wondering what he was up to. I just started a part time job with the U.S Government and work from home + attend night school. I am working on my Masters in Accounting this semester.

    It is intresting that he is teaching English because I teach ESL once a week.

    Regards, RS

  82. Tannat Madiran Says:

    We’d love to spread some of the funny around. We were wondering (if you find our style agreeable) if you would be willing to share some link love? A sort of “I’ll link yours if you link mine” arrangement. No money, no contracts, just a simple line of code supplying a link. Check us out, and realize we are just out for fun. Think The Onion meets the Wine World. We have over a decade of experience in the business, have been published in the major magazines, and still write a bit on the subject, but needed an outlet to vent on all that makes me crazy in the head regarding the wine world. Hence – call it therapy.

    Hit us back with an email if you like what you see, and even if you don’t!

  83. Tom & Melody Says:

    Okay – we’ll check it out; thanks, Tannat!

  84. Cathy Pender Says:

    Hello Tom and Melody,
    I’ve just discovered your blog and it did not take me long to realize the club that you get most of your wines are from is 4 Seasons Wine. Do you currently have a wine consultant there?
    The reason I ask, I am a consultant that works there. I work from home in Tennessee and am always looking to extend my customer base. I put my heart and soul into finding yummy wines and giving the best service any wine lover deserves. When these wines are on sale, I will notify you immediately. Alot of times the wine reps have sales that are not offered thru the club. With that being said, if you do not have a consultant at this point, maybe we can discuss this further. I can offer you free wine with any referrals. It appears you have a big following.
    If you would like to discuss this further, or refer others to me, that would greatly be appreciated.
    I can be reached at 931-451-7323. Or email me at or
    Thank you and hope to hear from you! Any of you!
    p.s. the Primitivo is the Zinfandel grape from Italy.

  85. Tim Says:

    Hey guys.
    Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I’m still here. I’ve been keeping an eye on your site and haven’t seen any wines we are currently sharing together and I’ve been revisiting some I (and you) have already enjoyed. The reason I’m writing is that I just opened one I don’t see on your blog and wanted to share. It comes from 4 Seasons and it is a 2000 Santo Stefano Cab. From what I’ve read I believe you both would enjoy this rich, robust Cab.

  86. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello and happy thanksgiving, Tim! It’s good to hear from you. I have not seen the Cab you mention. I trust your judgment; I think you definitely know our taste in wine. I hope this one arrives in one of our shipments!

    Again, glad to hear from you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. What wine will you serve today?

  87. Nancy Says:


    My fiance and I just recieved a bottle of 2004 Simunye Shiraz as a Christmas present from my brother-in-law. I figured I would read a few reviews about it and was surprised that there was very little written about this wine, however, on the flip side, the few reviews that I did read were primarily all positive! I think we’ll keep this one in our wine cellar for a while and let it age a little longer. Heck, if it’s as good as you say, then it can only get better with age!

    Your BLOG is wonderful! I am so glad I took the time to do a little research. I’ve already written down a few wines that the two of you recommended! Thanks! I’ll check back with you two when I’m ready for more tips/advice! Nancy

  88. Tom & Melody Says:

    Please do that, Nancy! We would love to hear from you. I want to know. . .when is the wedding?

  89. Jason Dorn Says:

    Not sure how I ended up here, but loved reading your thoughts on some of these wines. You’ve got some great suggestions here. I would also love to have your recipe for the Turkey/Garlic/Asparagus soup.


    Jason Dorn

  90. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Jason! How flattering that you want my recipe! It’s all in my head. . .I made that one up. I believe there is a way to contact you by email; I shall give that a try and send you the recipe. Thanks for visiting our blog, Jason.

  91. powercat Says:

    so great blog and I really like reading what you two written.
    go on and look forward reading more

    all best

  92. Dave Taylor Says:

    Can you tell me where to find Familia Cara Chianti? In california…


  93. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Dave,

    We bought the Familia Cara Chianti at a Sam’s Club here in Michigan.

  94. Pedro Says:

    Just surfing the wine circuit when I discovered your page–what a great layout! I like Smoking Loon Cab also and have been asking around about it here in New Jersey–some shops haven’t caught on yet. One of the things I like about it is that it’s made by “Three Loose Screws.” All the best.

  95. Marty & Jeannie Says:

    Hello Tom & Melody. I dont know if our comments for the Warburn Shiraz got to you? Yes/No? Thank you for replying

  96. Tom & Melody Says:

    Yes, it did! I replied AND I opened a bottle of Warburn Shiraz tonight to see about your comments. . .see my comment on the Warburn page, okay? Stay tuned. . .

  97. evan bench Says:

    hi tom & melody, found your blog while searching for montecillo crianza! It’s a very nice blog and I liked reading all your articles on wine and food. I tried the montecillo last week and really loved it. I’m not wine expert but I know what I like…


  98. evan bench Says:

    oh, an here’s a url to my blog – not updated as often as I like but it’s there…


  99. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Evan, I would love to see your blog, but I didn’t see the link to it. Can you comment again with the URL?

  100. Gerry Gollwitzer Says:

    Hi Tom and Melody,

    I just wanted to leave a note and tell you how much I like your Wine Blog. I visit it often. I also get wine from 4 Seasons and Wine Insider. Your Blog helps a lot in pairing.

    All the best to you,



  101. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Gerry, what a delightful comment to read on this cold and windy Friday night. I am so happy that you like our blog and that you find our comments about pairings helpful.
    I hope you will leave comments again!

  102. Leena Says:

    Hi Melody and Tom!

    I hope all is well. I just received my second wine journal and it made me think of you guys. I have to give credit to you both for getting me into wine and truly appreciating it! Thanks!


  103. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Leena! It is so wonderful to hear from you. We are happy that you are enjoying the joys of wine! I have been checking up on you on Facebook! You are beautiful, as always, and doing so well. Please stay in touch! My love to your mom!

  104. Tim Says:

    Hello T & M.
    I feel I’ve run out on you since I haven’t posted in such a long time. I’m still here, it’s just been a bit of a turbulent time lately. I’m still ordering wonderful wines from 4S.

    If you haven’t had an opportunity to try the Il Papavero Vino da Tavola Rosso, I highly recommend it. It’s on sale right now and I’ve ordered another case.

    I’ll try not to stay away so long.


  105. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Tim,

    Long time, no hear from! Great to have you back. We HAVE had the Il Papavero. . .I’ll have to go back and read our notes and see if we enjoyed it.

    I hope your turbulent times have turned out for the best.

    T & M

  106. Ed Naz Says:

    Discovered your site today while looking for a few wines and the new wine store in Chelsea. Do you know where you can get wines in the area from Abbeyville, Alterra, Avalon, Bridgman, Foppiano Estate, Wente, Apex !!, Edgewood, Ch Potelle and Gordon Brothers. The wines are primarily from Calif. but a couple from Washington.

  107. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Ahh, yes, some excellent California reds. Try A & L Wine Castle on Stadium in Ann Arbor. I have had good luck there with California and Washington wines. Please check back and let us know if you were able to find any of your wines at this shop.

  108. Jen Reyneri Says:

    Your blog is great! After many years following my husband around the world of wine, I’m launching a blog too full of musings and maybe some reviews…

  109. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Jen, Please do share! I would love to be your first blog fan. Good luck with the blog!

  110. Susie Brady Says:

    I am searching for contact information for Hayes Ranch, CA. We had their Cabernet Sauvignon and when we removed the lable we lost part of it and can’t see the name (if any) of city…hope you can help us! THANKS! (We were in Ireland when we had the wine)

  111. Tom & Melody Says:

    Susie, How ironic that you discovered a California wine while you were visiting Ireland! I’ll keep my eyes open for the Hayes Ranch Cab and perhaps one of our readers will know the contact information. Keep checking.

  112. D Barrett Says:

    Thank you for your lovely wine blog. I too enjoy the wines from 4 Seasons and love your tasting notes.

  113. Tom Della Flora Says:

    In one of your blogs, you mentioned a Della Flora Zinfandel (2006).
    Where did you get the wine from?

  114. Woody Graham Says:

    Hey Tom & Melody,
    I have no idea how I came upon this site, but what fun! My wife and I have been winos, uh, make that wine lovers, for many years. One of the most enjoyable wine adventures we have had was going to Winter Wineland in Sonoma in 2005. The 2010 event in January will be the 18th annual extravaganza. You won’t regret going if you can fit it in your schedule. There is nothing like having been to the winery and vineyards when you are enjoying a bottle, as I’m sure you know touring your local MI wineries. We discovered some delicious wines on the trip. Forchini, Frick, White Oak, and Pedroncelli we some of our favorites. We are spoiled here in Texas given our access to Spec’s Liquor Warehouse in downtown Houston. They carry over 40,000 labels of wine, sprits, cigars, finer food, etc. There’s not much we can’t find there. If you are ever in Houston, it is something not to miss. I’m always looking for the best price/value wines. My current favorite, Pedroncelli 2007 Pinot Noir. Light body, but delightful. I enjoyed reading all of the entries. Keep it up.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Woody! Thank you much for the comment. We are just back from a week’s vacation so our blog has been ignored. Hope you are still checking it! We have family in Houston so we will definitely be visiting the area; now we know to check out Spec’s Liquor Warehouse. You’re lucky to have such a great resource for good wine. Also, Tom & I would just love to visit Sonoma; it’s one of the things we have on our wish list to do! I will keep my eyes open for Pedroncelli 2007 Pinot Noir. Please stay in touch and let us know other favorites!

  115. Bruce & Allyson Says:

    Looks like you guys have yet to try Tilia Merlot from Argentina. The 2008 costs $8-9. Don’t let the twist-cap fool you.

  116. Shaun Says:

    Hi Tom & Melody,

    I came across your blog by googling information about the 2007 Cline ‘Ancient Vine’ Zinfandel. I then started to paruse other sections of your blog. It interests me when I find people that really enjoy wine for its own sake. I am also a wine enthusiast, but prefer the agrarian side of wine versus the large commercial interests. Your blog is a labor of love and I, for one, appreciate that! Thank you.

  117. Mary Burke Says:

    Tom and Melody,

    Please help! I am searching somewhere to buy Saddlehorn Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. I live near Columbus, Ohio and was lucky enough to be given a bottle as a gift. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere to purchase more. Any suggestions? Your blog is great, please keep it coming!!

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Mary! I hope that one of our readers will be able to help you locate this wine. I don’t know that we have had this wine although the name rings a bell. I will definitely keep my eyes open and let you know if I get information about where you can purchase this wine.

  118. Gay Dawson Says:

    Jan. 28, 2010…….We recently opened a bottle of Shiraz 2005 -Burley Fox- Limestone Coast, Australia. Produced by Westend Estates. It was wonderful my problem is I do not know where it came from. It may have been from a Wine Club I belonged to briefly or a gift from someone. I have searched for the wine on-line and have checked with a popular wine distributor in Houston and I am unable to find where to buy this wine. Can you help???

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Gay — I think you must have received the wine from your brief time in the Wine Club. All of our bottles of Burley Fox came from a wine club. Have you considered rejoining?

  119. David G. Rende Says:

    Hi Tom and Melody. I have always enjoyed wine. Growing up in and Italian family it was always around and included the 4 barrels grandpa always made. In the last 10 years I have gotten more serious in studying wine and recently passed the introductry level exam given by the Court of Master Sommeliers. At 62 that’s not bad. Any way that’s a short history to get to a comment from a wonderful waiter we had tonight who said “you seem to know something about wine you should check out my Mom and Dad’s wine blog” I assume you know this guy. Anyway I hope to check out more of your blog in the near future share comments on wine with you.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hello! I am so pleased that you met our son, Tommy! Thank you very much for taking the time to check out the blog and comment. I hope you will visit often and share your comments. Your knowledge is surely greater than ours and would be much welcomed. Thanks, again!

  120. David G. Rende Says:

    Tommy was great! We were with friends and we later said he was one of the better waiters we can remember. Very confident, but not arrogant. He knew a lot and still wanted to learn more. It’s really a small world. I did not realize until we got home that he played with Ben Danials. My daughter went to EMU with Ben and we have actually gone to see him play at one of the locations she helped get them booked at. I even have a CD I sent to a friend who runs a theater in SF that was looking for that type of talent to book. I just got back from a great wine class on the Loire at Morgan & York. Alex does a great job with short classes on most Saturdays at 2:00PM. To speak to your food side they were also grilling shrimp that came from a farm in Okemos, MI! Google Russ Allen’s Okemos Shrimp to check it out. I bought a pound for dinner tomorrow. Now I just need to decide on a wine.

    I plan to read your blog periodically and have enjoyed what I have seen so far. I have 2 wine tips for today. First if you have not tried a Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo, I would do it soon. You can pay in the $25-$40 range for a great one, but there are many available locally in the $8 to $15 range that are really fine. Montepulciano is the grape in this case. Don’t mix it up with Brunello di Montepulciano where Sangiovese is the grape and Montepulciano is the location. Confused??? Also a little Michigan tip. Brian Ulbrich has a place in TC called Left Foot Charley’s. He has made wine for several wineries in the area and is now on his own. He get’s very high praise from the likes of Jansis Robinson and Tom Stevenson who are considered 2 of the worlds greats wine experts. Stevenson went so far as to say the Ulbrich has produced the first world class Gewurztraminer outside of Alsace. Sorry about going on. I just love wine info.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      It’s a small world! Love the connection to the Ben Daniels Band and your daughter. How fascinating! Appreciate the tips on Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo. I understand your point about getting one with the Montepulciano grape (as opposed to the Sangiovese grape with Montepulciano referring to the location and not the grape). Excellent tip and one I hadn’t considered before. Also, we have shopped at Left Foot Charley’s. We purchased 12 bottles there last winter on a trip to Traverse City. Happily, my parents live in Traverse City so we get there often. We did not realize, however, that Brian produced his own wine. Your a wealth of interesting information! This is great. . .please continue to share your knowledge when you are able!

  121. David G. Rende Says:

    Just thought I would let you know about a great event this Friday. At the Chop House in A2 there will be a tasting of small producers that I believe are mostly from CA. Also there will be Charles Woodson (U of M football, Heisman, NFL Defensive Player of the year) who now owns a high end small winery in Napa. His wines are great. Beyond the wine and football he is a great person with all that he does for Children’s Hospitals,espcially here at U of M.
    The event is limited so if you are interested call 888.456.3463 to make reservations. Cost is only $25 per person and that includes some great food ( usually they have some Kobe sliders!) The event starts at 7:00. We are going early to La Dolce to have some appetizers and staying after at the same for desert (my daughter works there). Hope you can make it.

  122. David G. Rende Says:

    IMPORTANT!!!!! This will take a while to explain so I recomend you google HR 5034. Basically there is a law that is going thru our Congress that will, among other things, prohibit out of state winerys from shipping to other states. This will put many small winerys out of business and may also impact those in MI. It also limits the choices wineaux like us can purchase. We get what the big distributors want to sell and that’s it! To make it easy to send your input to your congressman and Senators you can got to and there is a link with canned e-mails that you can also edit. Please Help!!! It’s interesting that the bill comes out of a committee headed by a Michigan congressman who has the distributors in the group of his top 5 contributors.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Thank you, David. You are right. This is IMPORTANT!! We have been against this type of legislation from the get-go. We’ll do our part to communicate our displeasure with the proposed law. Thank you!

  123. JESSE Says:

    Hello tom & melody,
    i realy need your help to find this wine in new jersey.
    i have a wine shop & few customers want me to get this wine in. i try to find a phone number for black fox & i am not going anywhere. so please can you tel me who is the distributor in new jersey for black fox .

  124. Juanita Martindale Says:

    Hi Tom & Melody-
    My dog Lucy is black and white and looks just like Trigger. She is 1/2 Boston Terrier and Manchester Terrier. She is also a rescue. I am amazed at the similarities in features. I would love to send you a photo.
    Juanita Martindale
    Seattle, WA

  125. Nathaniel Stanton Says:

    Tom and Melody,

    This is a very interesting blog. How much interest do you think there is in a wine bar in downtown chelsea. There is a space open in the downstairs of the building directly across from the Common Grill. It would be perfect for a cozy place to gather, similar to The Earle in downtown Ann Arbor.

    Nathaniel Stanton

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Nathaniel, what a great idea. We think Chelsea is a perfect place for a wine bar. We would certainly welcome one and imagine that there would be significant interest by others. Please let us know if we can be of assistance as you think about this!

  126. Leanne Fox Says:

    Hi Tom & Melody,

    Just wanted to leave a note to say how much I love reading your blog! I discovered it several weeks ago when trying to decide which wine to bring to bring to a housewarming party, and have checked in a couple times every week since. My husband and I are newlyweds trying to get into the habit of enjoying home cooking and a (couple!) good glasses of wine every week; reading your reviews has offered some excellent guidance, and some extra comfort! I’ll continue checking in, and will pick up some recommendations at our local wine store here in D.C. in the coming weeks. Hope the Michigan fall continues to be lovely, and we look forward to your new posts!


    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Greetings to you, Leanne. How wonderful that you are building a happy home with your new husband. Everything you invest into the quality of your life together will pay off in large dividends. I am so happy that you have checked out our blog. Please stay in touch.

  127. Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog Says:

    Greetings from Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog!

    We are pleased to say that we have added you to our Blog Roll.

    Would be kind enough to do the same for us on your Blog Roll?

    Here’s to wine and good health!

    All the best,

    Roger & Donna Beery

  128. Giovanna Diaz Says:

    Hi, Tom and Melody, I see you used to buy a uva negra wine from Argentina, I was recently in mendoza and met them and wanted to know if you could share what happened with the wines? Thanks.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hello! How great that you were in Argentina and that you met some winemakers in Mendoza. I am not sure what you are asking us. What do you mean by “what happened with the wines?” I want to be helpful if I can!

  129. Ellery Davies Says:

    In my previous post, I was negligent in ‘needling’ you for information while failing to leave a tasting note of my own…

    For an unusally blissful experience, try pairing a deep and complex dry red (like a Napa California Cab) with a really stinky, veined cheese — just before bed time, perhaps when you curl up for a good movie. You already reviewed my favorite Cab (so I won’t mention it). As for the cheese, I prefer a British Stilton from any of the 6 licensed producers or “Stichelton” from Neal’s Yard Dairy (also in Stilton, but prohibited from using the registered name).

    Like great music, classic Star Trek, or good s-x, it is a raison d’être — existing purely for the pleasure value. But your joint penchant for fine wine makes you more fortunate than me, because my passion for great wine is not shared by my spouse… (Don’t feel bad for me. She is nearly perfect in every other way).

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Thank you for those tasting notes. We certainly do share your love of Napa California Cabs. And we swoon over the cheese you describe. I just refuse to eat it very often because it’s hard to eat just a little! Please do tell me about your favorite Cab. I am very curious!

      • Ellery Davies Says:

        Hello Tom & Melody,

        You really do answer your Blog inquries!… I am so very impressed.

        I love very dry red wines. This pretty much restricts me to noble reds. While I can occasionally tolerate a dry white Pino Grigio, I prefer Cabernets Sauvignon — and I rarely try anything else.*

        Now let’s talk about region: I have no problems with French, Italian, Argentine, Chilean & Australian cabs. In fact, this summer or next summer, I plan to drive my 10 year old daughter up a stretch of the Rhine river to sample reds at every little B&B between Frankfurt & Koblenz, Germany. I have promised her this trip for 3 years. (Like me, she loves to sip a Cab, though in smaller quantities).

        I even like upstate New York wines (I was a student at Cornell University in the 70s, which is close to the oiginal Taylor Winery–before it was moved to California and operated by Seagrams and then Coca-Cola. Perhaps because of my early tasting experience, I swoon for a good California cab. Even though they are based on a hybrid-French root stock, something about the unending complexity and rare dud have captured my heart. Life has so very many venues of pleasure, and so for wines, I choose to focus on Cabs.

        Above $25 they are almost all terrific. I always enjoy the varieties selected by for their partnership with the Wall St. Journal club members. But I cannot afford to spend $5000 a year on wine (I love it too much). Fortunately, one needn’t have a fat wallet…

        Like many shoppers, when moving through the ailes of a store, I look for a score or tasting note from one of the big wine connoisseur magazines. But often these are on the expensive wines or they relate to the wrong vintage. So instead, I consult my trusty pocket list: A few years ago, an editor of the Boston Globe printed a list of 10 wineries that never “bastardize” their label. That is, if the harvest or process was less than an 88 or so (according to the winemaster’s own scale), they unload the entire batch on a wholesaler, re-packager or even as cooking wine. They refuse to retail a bad year under their flagship name. Surprisingly, 7 of these 10 are very affordable brands. I have validated the claim for most of the wines on that list. (If you wish, I will scan and fax it too you).

        Now for the answer that I promised…
        I can very easily be offended by some cheaper wines. Even in a blind test, it’s not hard to discern the two bck chuck. But in very moderately priced wines, I have never gone wrong with a Berringer or Raymond cab regardless of the vintage and label. (The good Raymonds are just a bit more). Even on the east coast, you can always find a Berringer Reserve or Founder’s Estate for $8.50~$11. That’s an incredible bargain for a wine with a complex boquet, great body, just the right tannins and very smooth finish. They are always available at the wholesale clubs (BJs/Costco/Sams) and almost as often at local retailers. You already reviewed a Berringer Cabernet and you liked it.

        As to the cheese, my wife and daughter always plan ahead for my birthday. They buy me a brick or wedge of authentic Stilton cheese (or Stichelton from Neil’s Farm Dairy, which is located in Stilton but prohibited from using that name). Although Denmark is known for bleu cheese, they are a far cry from Stilton. I have no idea how something that smells like uncovered cat litter can cause me so much relaxation and joy, but it is fact. Pair it with a dry Cab for sheer relaxation and contemplation.

        Incidentally, Trader Joe’s carries a Stilton at about 1/2 the cost of the wholesale price (even direct from the importers). The buyers at TJs don’t like to reveal the source of the cheese, but if you google the case of a rare recall a few years ago, you will see that it is from Cropwell Bishop Creamery (one of 6th registered makers of Stilton cheese…”By authority of the Queen” and all that Royal jazz). Try to by Cropwell or Stichelton anywhere else and you will pay $20 for 1/2 lb. But at Trader Joe’s, it is $10 or 11 per pound. This is one of the reasons that TJs won’t reveal the source. The official importers would be furious with the dairy.

        * I am sure that there are a gazillion wines and pairings that are just as good. And in many areas of my life, I am open to new experiences (for example with Asian foods, or craft beers). But when it comes to wine, I have no desire to stray. If there is a cab in the room (and of course, if there is a Stilton), I just don’t care to try anything else.

        Ellery Davies (Massachusetts)

      • Tom & Melody Says:

        Thank you for your interesting post, Ellery. We are having a very busy spell so our blog is suffering from a lack of attention but we will get it together. . .

  130. Ellery Davies Says:

    Sorry… I said Nei’s Farm Dairy. The correct name is Neal’s Yard Dairy.

  131. lino SAENZ Says:

    Hi Tom and Melody,

    I thought you might be interested in adding a link to zoomvino on your blog.

    zoomvino is a new internet communication platform connecting winemakers with wine buyers worldwide, listing more than 50 countries, 250 regions and 1700 geographical dénominations (appellations).

    The platform already lists most commercially active wineries selling in bottle, and their number never stop growing. Zoomvino is also a unique guide to the world‘s wines, zoomvino Buzz, for those buying wines directly from wineries or planning a wine holiday.

    Here is a link to zoomvino:

    Best regards, Lino.

  132. Derek Says:

    Great blog Tom and Melody. I recently discovered it and have been using it as my guide in my new-found love for red wine. You guys are the bomb.


    • - Says:

      Thank you, Derek! We are so glad that you have gotten in touch with your inner red-wine self! We would enjoy hearing from you as you explore and learn about the wines you are enjoying. If you are like us, your tastes will change over time. We started out drinking very simple wine that we loved at the time but now find uninspiring, You will likely grow to enjoy the complexities of red wine and the many different tastes, aromas and textures. Hope you will stay in touch.

  133. tony ramo Says:

    I have stopped receiving your wonderful blog. Please help. I pray you are both are well.
    Tony Rano
    The Wine Guy
    Wichita Fall TX

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