Main Street Cabernet Sauvignon (2009)

It is Saturday night. Very cold. It has been snowing all day. Only one of my Saturday morning running friends was able to run this morning, so Jeanie and I trudged through snow and icy roads and managed to get in 5 miles on a very cold blustery morning. Thank you, Jeanie! Tonight I made a meatloaf from both beef and pork from a local cow and pig (two of my neighbors and I went in together on a 1/4 cow and a 1/4 pig). This is a very delicious comfort meal for a cold Michigan evening. Tom is having a glass of the Main Street and I am finishing up last night’s bottle of the Shiraz. Both are delicious!


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  1. Laura H. Gates Says:

    Went for an overnight trip in the enchantments. A through hike would have been preferred but was not able to make it happen. Have not been up to the enchantments via colchuck lake or aasgard pass so we decided to venture up that way. No snow at the trail head and only spots of it here and there all the way up to the lake. Colchuck is snow free except for a few random spots. Decent day no precipitation but did have clouds lingering overhead. Temps at Colchuck were probably in 40’s and down to the low 30’s at the top of Aasgard pass. Aasgard was quite the thigh burner with not much snow until about 6500-7000 feet where we began to post hole. Longest mile of my life ha. Snowshoes would have been nice once in the enchantments, though we did ok without. Had some strong winds that night but not much in the way of snow fall if any. Our snowman began melting by morning so it had warmed up a bit maybe mid 30’s. Morning brought fog and clouds, the place was socked in and did not allow for much visibility or picture taking, however it was all fun still. Hiked out Sunday morning and made our way back to Seattle. Saw 0 hikers saturday and 20 hikers sunday on our way out. Had the enchantments all to ourselves saturday as far as we know, rare feat.

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