Ramsden Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa

We are home from a wonderful Christmas with Tom’s family. We drove 10 1/2 hours today through pouring rain, wind and then snow so we are very happy to be safely at home. We ordered pizza and opened this special bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet. Earlier this month, during a weak moment, I said “okay” to a sales pitch to upgrade our wine club membership to a reserve level and this is our first bottle from that selection. Although I was kicking myself for saying yes, I now see it was a good decision. This is a fine wine. Structured tannins and rich flavor. Very smooth and rich.

7 Responses to “Ramsden Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa”

  1. Derek Johnson Says:

    Melody, which wine club are you a part of? I have never been apart of one and wanted to try it out. Derek

    • - Says:

      Hi Derek, we are members of the Wall Street Journal wine club and Four Seasons (also known as Laithwaites, I believe) wine club. It never hurts to give it a try and see what you think. You can choose a combination of reds and whites or all of one or the other. (We get reds, only.) Let me know if you join one and what you think!

  2. ctwino Says:

    Melody, Cancel, don’t, stop! You are overpaying for mediocre wines. Trust me. I’ve been part of a few wine clubs, including WSJ, and it simply is not worth it. Go to your local wine store tastings, try a few new wines, listen for suggestions, or call me! Buy them by the case to get a discount and you will save enough at the end of the year to buy an additional case (of good wine!). I challenge you to go to your collection wines and try to find the web site of each winery. You might find one or two but most of them are second label wines produced specifically for the club from overstocked or barrel wines. Now go to the wines that aren’t from the club and you will find a web site for every winery.
    To be polite – you are making a mistake. Jim (the CTWINO)

    • - Says:

      Thank you for your advice, Jim. I don’t doubt you are correct but I nevertheless enjoy the wine clubs. It is like Christmas when a new box of wine arrives and I get to open it, unpack the wine, restock our bins, read the labels, etc. I still shop for good wines and good deals, but I have not outgrown the excitement of a new box of wine arriving, so until that time I will overpay for less than spectacular wines . . .but have fun doing it!

  3. Laura B. Says:

    I just finished the 2007 Ramsden Estate Reserve Cab. It was one of favorites with the first sip!! I’m a die-hard Italian (esp Chianti) lover, but this was such an easy, friendly, lovable wine. Maybe it was the fact that after a long day at work, and driving home in a snow storm, it wrapped it’s warm arms around me and said welcome home!
    I agree with you too, that getting that box of wines delivered every few months, makes the Fed-Ex man look better than Santa Claus!

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