Kelly Country Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Melody made an excellent ground beef, tomato, and pasta dish, with sides of beets and cucumbers, and we had this Kelly Country Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 from Victoria, Australia. (I think this is a wine from the Wall Street Journal wine club.)

This wine is quite good. Tannic, fruity but not fruit-bomby. I tasted a bit of cigar ash. Melody tasted some licorice. It served as a great table wine with Melody’s hearty dish.

We were both feeling tired (even though it’s only Monday!), so the good food and wine helped.

(By the way, this wine is named for the armour-wearing Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.)

2 Responses to “Kelly Country Cabernet Sauvignon 2010”

  1. Michael Stevens Says:

    hello tom and meldoy; I had just joined the wall street journal wine club and i’m trying to look up the wines from my first shipment and found your web site . Can you tell me where i can find the retail prices on my wines so i can see if it is a good deal to stay with the club. thanks for your help .Michael Stevens Orlando FL.

    • - Says:

      Hi Michael, that is an interesting question. I have found that, generally, the wines included in the wine club shipment are not readily available in your average, run-of-the-mill grocery store or wine shop. Thus, even if you find the wine priced less — say on a google search — you won’t necessarily be able to find the wine locally to even be able to purchase it at that lower price. So, that’s a long way of saying that you may just want to decide if you enjoy the wine club (getting a box of wine in the mail every few months is fun for us). And, if you do enjoy the wine club, you should just assume that, for the most part, the wine is fairly priced and it is wine that you probably wouldn’t be able to find easily on the shelf. I hope that helps!

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