Elsa Bianchi Malbec (2010)

It is a Tuesday night and I wanted to duplicate a delicious meal that my sister- and brother-in-law prepared during our family reunion. We had grilled, marinated salmon with a pasta/tomato/garlic/basil dish. Wow, it was so filling (and yummy)! I could only finish half my salmon so I was able to prepare two separate lunches, which I will enjoy at the office this week.

Although Malbec is not your typical wine to serve with fish, that is what I chose for tonight. (I don’t like white wine. Period.) I am enjoying this Elsa Bianchi 2010 very much. I purchased it on the way home from work tonight, on sale, for $8. I had aimed my  grocery cart for the South American wine section because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and, sure enough, this is a great value. The quality of this low-priced, entry-level Malbec is similar  in value to $30 California wines. Very plummy on the nose and palate. A long finish with hints of vanilla and thyme. Here’s to you, Bill and Linda!

2 Responses to “Elsa Bianchi Malbec (2010)”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Tom and Melody:
    Thank you very much for your write-ups. I know it takes time an effort to do it, but we all enjoy it. Keep it up, you and Tom are doing great.
    I do not know much about wines, so you help a lot, and having the prices of the wines is a great help to me so I can make my decisions. I had a lot of luck with Costco and their wine selections. The ratings are mostly with the pricing and sometimes you get wines rated 89 to 91 for $5 and $7 dollars. Do you have a Costco near you???
    Again, thanks you very much for your help to all of us…..also the meals are a great help you are great cook.

    • EMU Says:

      Hello Joseph, Thank you so much for your gracious comments. We appreciate it more than you know! Especially as we struggle with more demands on our time. Your note gives us incentive to keep up. We do NOT have a Costco near us so we have never been to one, but we hear such great things, and we wish we had one. We hope you will continue to comment. Thanks again, Joseph!

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