Peter Lehmann Layers Red (2008)

We have had a couple of very busy weeks and, as a result, our blog has been ignored. Tonight we change that. Tom opened this Peter Lehmann Layers Red 2008 from the Australian Barossa Valley for our dinner of spaghetti casserole and sauteed green beans.

I bought this wine at World Market for $14.99. It is a combination of several different grapes. The result is a somewhat simple red table wine.

However, there are distinct layers of flavors that keep this from being a run-of-the-mill blended wine. I noticed cedar on the nose, raspberries in the mouth and dark chocolate on the finish in this medium-bodied wine. There is a slight syrupy texture that is not my cup of tea. But, in spite of that, this is a good wine.

I am not going to put it on my “buy again” list but, then again, I am not going to waste a drop while we enjoy this bottle!

(We recycled the bottle before we could take a photo, so here’s a cheat shot…!)


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