Cupcake Malbec (2010)

This Cupcake Malbec 2010 is kind of a fun wine: it has a nice dark-fruit flavor, medium tannins, but with a bit of a sugar or caramel taste.

The dark fruit flavor battles with the hints of sugar and saves it and makes it basically a nice New World table wine.

We wouldn’t want to live on this, but it’s a pleasant quaff and the dark fruit and decent tannins went nicely with our beef stroganoff and green beans.


One Response to “Cupcake Malbec (2010)”

  1. malbeceamos Says:

    I have been trying and reviewing dozens of Malbecs and I must say that I really enjoy this cupcake malbec. It has a great flavor profile and good balance. Although not the most complex or concentrated malbec, I like that it can be enjoyed right out of the bottle after work!

    My review is here:

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