Bogle Petite Sirah (2008)

It is a very, very cold night here in Michigan. The weather turned bitterly cold suddenly after a beautiful, mild autumn. I am now on a new quest to convert to Catholicism and we went to mass tonight. I sure do have a lot to learn. I do not know when to speak or what to say. . .but Tom reassures me that I am doing well and that I will learn.

So now we are home and having a glass of this Bogle Petite Sirah 2008. I purchased two bottles of this recently at World Market. Sadly, the first bottle had some cork issues and there was a less-than-desirable aroma and a musty finish. On the happy side, Tom finished the bottle for me. 🙂 The second bottle is the Bogle I know and love. Delicious. Fruit forward, dark chocolate and coffee flavor with a strong chocolate finish.

A good choice to go with our pizza!


2 Responses to “Bogle Petite Sirah (2008)”

  1. ctwino Says:

    Converting…nice. Big decisions are best solved with Cabernet! And good luck with mom coming nearbye. You will be buying wine by the case now!

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