Castillo del Ciego Rioja

It is election night and I plan to watch some TV tonight to see the results. I hurried home from work today to walk Trigger because Tom is out of town on business. Trigger and I walked the mile or so to the voting place. I was hoping I could take her with me and, happily, no one objected. Trigger followed me as I went through the various lines to pick up my ballot. She waited patiently at my side while I filled in all those little circles on the ballots and a nice lady at the check out cooed and petted her on our way out. A great way to vote! I was happy not to have to get back in my car.

So, here we are, Trigger and I, listening to music, reading the paper, and waiting for our dinner to come out of the oven. I am reading the paper and enjoying some music.

I chose this Castillo del Ciego Rioja carefully — not because of food pairings but because I didn’t want to open a wine that should be shared since i am here by myself. So that is how I landed on this Rioja. Our son Tony would Like this one. He very much enjoys reds from South America.

This wine is very bright red in the glass. It suggest that this is a young wine, although i can’t find a date on the bottle. The taste is oaky with vanilla and strawberry notes. The body is light to medium.

I like this one. It seems like the appropriate solitary wine for a quiet night by myself.

5 Responses to “Castillo del Ciego Rioja”

  1. LovelyLeanne Says:

    Sounds like a lovely, quiet night– and a great way to vote! Thanks for the solitary wine recommendation; I’ll remember it for the weeks my husband is out of town.

  2. ctwino Says:

    You must have been very lonely and drank the whole bottle….Rioja is from Spain!!! LOL.

  3. Tom & Melody Says:

    Oopsy. . .are you telling me that Spain is NOT in South America? Now you tell me!! Thank you for catching that. . .very clever of you. Need to do a little edit.

  4. ctwino Says:

    Just keeping you on your toes! Enjoy the weekend!

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