Pillar Box Red (2007)

Here we are settling in after a busy week. I was in Reno all week doing work-related business. I came home very late last night and spent today unpacking, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. It is nice to be home. It was a cool day with rain. A perfect day to be in the house.

I chose this Pillar Box Red 2007 to go with dinner. This is a cool weather dinner. The first in a long time. I bought a sirloin tip roast at the grocery store today. It is in the oven in a covered pot with onions, carrots and potatoes (with garlic tucked into crevices). It has been roasting
on low heat for about 4 hours.

This wine is from the Southeastern side of Australia. This makes us think about our son, Tony, who is in Perth. We realize Perth is on the other side of the continent, but still. . .it doesn’t take much to make us think of him!

The wine is delicious. I bought this for $14 at A & L Wine Castle in Ann Arbor. The nose is fragrant and fresh. The taste is dark chocolate and tobacco. The finish gets your attention. . .

This is going to be the perfect wine for our Saturday night beef roast.


2 Responses to “Pillar Box Red (2007)”

  1. Joe Farinas Says:

    Great idea about the picture of the wine. Thank you for giving us the price. Four hrs roasting??? How many pounds.
    Came accross a nice wine “The Little Penguing” Easter Australia, Cabernet-Merlot. 2007. It was on sale $4.99 great buy.
    It is great to hear from you and the family. Thank you.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your comment. The roast was maybe 3 lbs. It did roast a long time but at a very low temperature. It turned out delicious. We have had Little Penguin wine and agree it is a very good value. Thanks for your encouragement about the pictures!

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