Washington Hills Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

I was out of town all last week so didn’t get a chance to update the blog. But I am home now and back in the groove. It is a hot May night in Michigan! We are supposed to be in the high 80’s all week, which must be some kind of record. I am glad I have my tomatoes planted.

So, tonight, we are enjoying this Washington State’s Columbia Valley Cabernet. I am roasting a whole, stuffed chicken with potatoes and sauteing fresh carrots and cauliflower (from my food co-op).  It’s a little warm to have the oven on, but this will probably the last time I roast chicken for awhile.

This wine is more apt to be served with red meats, but I like a good Cabernet with whatever we are eating! The nose is leathery while the palate presents cherries and green pepper. The finish is berry and smoke, through and through. This is excellent. I purchased this for $7.99 (on sale) from the A & L Wine Castle in Ann Arbor. This will go well with the dark chocolate brownies that I baked (I figured I should take advantage of having the oven on). Cheers!

9 Responses to “Washington Hills Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)”

  1. ctwino Says:

    Do you ever eat fish? I don’t recall ever seeing you write of wine with fish. I could send you a recipe you will love if you want…

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi there! . . .you have hit on one of my cooking deficiencies! I don’t know how to buy or cook fish. I would promise to give it a shot if you send me your recipe! (But can you also tell me the secret to buying good fish? I am clueless.)

      • ctwino Says:

        I just sent the previous long note and I remembered I could access my home email on my iPad (love it!). Here is the white fish recipe – you could use any fresh white fish….at least an inch and 1/2 thick.

        We had this tonight and it was not only easy but delicious. We served it over rice but you could lighten it and have it with just a salad
        > Sea Bass with White Wine and Tomato
        > 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
        > 2 garlic cloves, minced
        > 2T chopped flat leaf parsley
        > 1 14 oz can diced tomatoes
        > 2 scallions, white and light green parts, chopped
        > 1/2 cup dry white wine
        > 1/2 cup chicken broth 1/2 dried red chile pepper ( I used 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
        > kosher salt and pepper to taste
        > 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 lb thick sea bass fillet ( I used 2 halibut fillets for the 2 of us)
        > 1. Preheat oven to 375
        > 2. In a flameproof baking dish* that can go into the oven and hold the fish combine the olive oil, garlic, parsley, tomatoes, scallion, wine, chicken broth and chili flakes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Place the baking dish over low heat and simmer about 10 minutes and slightly reduced. Place the fish in the pan, spoon sauce over and place in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until done. We ate it over rice. Jim says it’s over the top delicious and I say it’s that and easy too. Enjoy
        > * I used a skillet that I could put in the oven

      • Tom & Melody Says:

        Okay, I have the skillet and all the ingredients except the fish. So, I will get the fish, try your recipe and then report back. Thank you so much! Maybe you’ll turn me into a fish person after all!

  2. ctwino Says:

    Okay…buying fish – you’ve probably read this ten times but just go talk to the fish person at your local store. If you have a Whole Foods – trust them to have something good. I will bring in the recipe I had in mind for white fish or send it from home but for now – buy a huge piece of salmon and cedar planks. Soak a plank for 30-40 minutes in water (drinking wine while waiting!), cover the food side with olive oil, throw on the fish, cover it with olive oil, try to plump up the salmon so it is all on the plank (tuck under the end or sides if they don’t fit), add kosher salt and I use Emeril’s seasoning but any fish seasoning will do, put on the grill with all burners on med or med/high – for 20 minutes….maybe 25 if it is very thick (drink more wine while waiting…have a spray bottle handy in case the edges of the plank flame a little). Take off and serve with a salad and your famous mustard salad dressing, and maybe a rice dish. Don’t be afraid if the fish has some life left to it in the middle…you won’t die! I use my planks 4-5 times each (clean and rinse well after each use).
    Serve with a nice white or pinot noir. We like Sav Blanc with fish…anything from New Zealand is good.
    I will send you the white fish recipe…it is fool proof!
    The other thing to try is wrapping fish in foil for the grill, with spices and tomatoes, onions, etc. Turn once – same timing as a medium rare steak. Yumm.
    Enjoy. Jim

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      This is so helpful. I am going to try it. Perhaps a dumb question but how/where do I buy a cedar plank? And, are you saying you can use the same plank about 5 times before it is no longer usable?

      • ctwino Says:

        Not a dumb question at all…ask at your local supermarket and most of them will have cedar planks this time of year. If not, I noticed last night that Home Depot has them with their BBQ stuff although they are rather short.
        If you shop online (and I bet you do with your schedule) – Amazon has them:
        And yes, we scrap off all of the fish residue, and scrub it a little with a soapy sponge or dish rag, rinse it well and use it again…with the fish always on the same side. If you use medium heat on the grill – it won’t burn up the first few uses. Just soak them 40 minutes or more.
        Here is some more info:
        Let me know how it goes with all of these tips…feel free to email me at home. Enjoy the weekend! Jim

  3. ctwino Says:

    Sorry – one more thing – you do not turn the salmon on the cedar plank. 20-25 minutes…it will start turning lighter pink or white and it is done.

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