The Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

It is Tuesday night and we have had such a fun cocktail hour. I had a lot of news to share from my work day (and Tom is a wonderful listener) and Trigger just soaks it all up — happy to be part of the group.

So, we started with an icy-cold martini (up) and have graduated to a glass of this The Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from the Alexander Valley in California. This wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and aged in American Oak.

The result is big-tasting red wine. The predominant aroma and flavor is vanilla followed by dark fruit and buttery toast.

For dinner, I am reheating some leftover chicken which I will serve with some freshly baked potatoes and a salad. Tom offered to get pizza tonight (because I had a big day) but this dinner sounded tastier and is also very easy to prepare. Cheers!

Tom: Nice dark fruit, medium/big body, dry and tannic, with a bit vanilla/caramel. Very drinkable. A very fun cocktail hour…


15 Responses to “The Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)”

  1. Wayne Slagle Says:

    Where can I get some of this?
    Thanks Wayne

  2. Anna Donat Says:

    This is delicious wine-can i purchase a case??

  3. Ruben Says:

    In a recent party we had, someone brought this bottle of wine…I don’t know who. I just had it with my wife and enjoyed it. I was searching the internet to find out more such as reviews, going price, etc. Did not find anything, except this blog. Cute site…but can you tell me more about the wine? Much appreciated.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Well, sure! This wine comes from the Alexander Valley in California, which is an area that does not experience the cooling influence from the Pacific Ocean — therefore, the grapes ripen more completely than in some of the other wine regions in California. (Our experience is that this area produces a very delicious Cabernet.) This winery ages their wine in American Oak, which produces a bold flavor and aroma.

      • Ruben Says:

        Thank you very much. I agree, Alexander Valley wines are great. Do you know of any websites on Wisdom? I live in Dallas, I am trying to figure out were I can get more…if the price is right.

      • Tom & Melody Says:

        Hi Ruben — have you tried I believe that is the wine club from which we received this wine. Let us know what you find out!

  4. John Says:

    I see you ha d the Penalolin, I’ve had earlier vintages 2000,20001,2003 all were very good.

  5. Ghost Pines Wine Steward Says:

    I’m glad you appreciate a good Cabernet Sauvignon. Perhaps I could suggest our own brand? After all, out of all the world’s wines, Cabernet Sauvignon is king, and it seems as though these days Napa and Sonoma wines are very “in” (I represent Ghost Pines, and our Napa/Sonoma mix Cab is a bestselling varietal). The sweet aromas, superb dark fruit, and ripe, chewy tannins allow wine lovers to find real personality in the wine – I find Cab to be the most consistently rewarding of the Bordeaux varieties, personally, especially when paired with the appropriate meal.

  6. Joel Says:

    Just found out that the distributor will not ship to Wyoming!! Can anyone suggest a retail outlet that will ship? Thanks ! Joel

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