The Optimist Shiraz Cabernet (2008)

We opened this delicious Australian blend last night and I am finishing the last couple of swallows tonight. I like this wine very much. I have  mostly enjoyed Shiraz and Cabernet blends and this is no exception. On the one hand, you have the very fruity, spicy Shiraz, and on the other hand, you have the complexity and prominent tannin quality of the Cabernet. It’s a great combination. This wine is easy to drink, and bursting with fruit. For lack of a better explanation, it is a happy wine!

A bright purple in the glass, the nose is refreshingly minty. The taste is big fruit on the front with pepper and oak on the finish.

For dinner, I am sauteing shitake mushrooms in red wine (from my food co-op) and reheating a leftover beef/noodle dish (that I had made from a slow-cooked pot roast). I am also stir frying asparagus. . .and then I want to watch House. Gotta see what’s up with my favorite grouchy doctor.

Happy Monday everyone. Only four more days until the weekend.


9 Responses to “The Optimist Shiraz Cabernet (2008)”

  1. Helen Says:

    I recently received a shipment of a case of wine from one of those wine club. The Optimist was the best tasting. I loved it and I offered it to my friend and he just loved it. It is such a smooth wine and very tasty. He now wants to order a half case. I am not sure if they have in the wine stores at the moment but I will be looking for a bottle for the weekend.

  2. Mike Says:

    Well…i was just given a mixed case of wine as a gift, appears to be from a wine club as well…the 2009 Optimist is one of them…I will let you know what I think this weekend!

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Wow, that is some gift! Someone thinks very highly of you. Enjoy the wine and we’ll look forward to reading your impressions, Mike.

      • Mike Says:

        Haha…well I am cautious with most of these wines. I know she only paid $70 for the case through a wine club…She means well, but I would of her rather bought me (4) bottles of Wild Horse Cabernet, or Clos De bois Merlot for the same price…..the reviews of many of these wines this case holds are not favorable….maybe I’ll find a gem or two 🙂

  3. Mike Says:

    Well….The 2009 Opimist was undrinkable. Ended up down the drain….

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Oh dear. . .what was it about the wine that you didn’t like? I am curious to know whether it was a bad bottle or whether you simply didn’t care for this particular blend?

  4. Robert Says:

    Just finished a 2009 and it was an awesome wine with ravioli served with pesto and a fresh salad. I love blends.

  5. Jennifer Brauner Says:

    Had the 2008 Optimist a few years ago through my then wine club and loved it. Couldn’t find it anywhere in a store though. Can I purchase this directly through you (if there are still any bottles left?). And if not, how do subsequent years compare in taste and quality to the 2008? Thank you.

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