Tenuta Curezza (2008)

Happy Saturday! It was a beautiful sunny and cold day in Michigan. I started my day with a 7-mile run with my friends, Jeanie & Chris. It was 10-degrees but because the sun was shining, it didn’t seem too cold; the snow was sparkly and it was a fun run. The rest of the day was relaxing. . .lovely. I did a little crochet, read my novel, snoozed on the couch, walked Trigger.

For dinner, I made a double batch of meatballs, using one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground turkey. I froze half of them for another night. The other half has been simmering in a spicy tomato sauce for our dinner tonight.

I have been saving this bottle of wine because it was a gift to me from a very special person. Amy Watkins gave me this bottle of wine on the last day of our class in December. Amy is a highly-intelligent and dedicated teacher who just finished her Master’s degree. My class was her final one in the program. I so enjoyed reading Amy’s papers and her final research project. What a special young woman! I had Amy two times during her master’s program and she was pregnant both times! Now that is dedication!

I chose this Italian wine to go with our Italian dinner tonight. It is scrumptious. I can see why Amy liked it so much. The color is bright purple with an abundance of fruit flavors and some pepper on the nose. Full-bodied, I can taste cherry coke and blackberries on the palate. The finish is long with minerals and spice. This is luscious and such a treat for our Saturday evening.

Thank you, Amy Watkins! I love the wine and I loved having you as a student.

Tom: This is a really nice red wine from the Salento peninsula, the heel of Italy. It has a big dark-fruit taste and nice dry tannins. This is very good as a sipping wine and will be great with spaghetti. Italian wines (at least the modest ones we drink) sometimes seem stingy on fruit to me, but this one is big and rich.

We heard from Tony today: he’s now staying in Montañita, Ecuador, and learning to surf.

7 Responses to “Tenuta Curezza (2008)”

  1. passionate about wine Says:

    The wine sounds lovely. I will have to find it.
    I am a runner too, but you are tougher. It was 11 degrees yesterday in my small town in Texas so my friend and I decided it was too cold and I ran in the gym. Our blood is thinner. 🙂
    I am also a teacher. Weird huh?

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Yes, quite the coincidence! I am shocked that it was 11 degrees in Texas. That is unusual, yes? We do acclimate to the cold up here and get used to it, that’s for sure. How wonderful that you are a teacher. What grade-level and what subject?

  2. passionate about wine Says:

    Very unusual, hasn’t happened in over 10 years.
    6th grade Math

  3. ctwino Says:

    Hi! I like that you write the name of the gift giver on the label. I’ve been doing that for the past couple of years and I try to make it a point to drink the bottle with the gift giver if possible. If not, it is nice to remember them when I drink it and I often will email or call them to tell them I am drinking the bottle. Nice! Jim

  4. Debra Molinari Says:

    Thank you for your tasting notes. I am holding a bottle of 2009 as I am entering it into my cellar tracker I realize there is no specified drinkability window. Do you have any idea?

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